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Trace Adkins - 'X'

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Trace Adkins - 'X'

Trace Adkins - 'X'

Capitol Nashville

X Bottom Line:

Trace Adkins returns with his 10th album on Capitol Nashville Records simply entitled 'X (TEN).' And whether it's the rip it up feel good country rockers, or the soft, spiritual ballads, Trace delivers them with power, warmth and sincerity. This is one of his best recordings to date.

About Trace Adkins:

It's hard to imagine that it's been 12 years and 9 albums since Trace Adkins appeared on the country music scene back in 1996 with his debut CD Dreamin' Out Loud. The first single, "There's A Girl In Texas" appeared on the country music charts in the spring of 1996. The singles to follow from his debut CD were "I Left Something Turned on at Home," "Every Light in the House" and "(This Ain't) No Thinkin' Thing."

And the hits just kept coming. So much so that he's already released 2 greatest hits compilations. The first one, Trace Adkins Greatest Hits Collection Vol. 1 released in July of 2003. And just 4 years later in December of 2007 he released American Man: Greatest Hits Vol. II.

X - The Songs

Now Trace Adkins returns with his tenth studio album entitled X. It's the follow-up to the hugely successful 2006 release Dangerous Man which also produced several hit singles. And speaking of hit singles, the first one to be released from X is the song "Muddy Water." It's about making amends and gettin' your soul right with "the Man."

The album starts off with the song "Sweet." His mama told him to make sure that one day he found himself a woman that was sweet. I don't think this woman was what mama had in mind.

One of the most soulful and spiritual songs on the album is "All I Ask For Anymore." When you become a family man, your priorities change. Now all Trace wants is for the man up stairs to watch over his family and keep them safe. Just listening to this song, you can tell that he's singing this one from his heart and soul.

However, Trace steps up to the plate and delivers the goods on a few fun tracks as well. "Marry For Money" is Trace gettin' shallow with the best of 'em. Forget about love, who needs romance, and the heck with passion, just show me da money!

"Hillbilly Rich" is another fun song about a good ole boy making it to the big time in the country music business.

Trace shows his softer, romantic side in the song "Let's Do That Again." And for the truckers on the road who are only looking forward to getting home to the woman they love, Trace is ridin' right there with you in the song "Hauling One Thing." You figure it out.

"Better Than I Thought It'd Be" is a humorous look at the single life of a guy after his woman has left him. Empty pizza boxes, beer bottles, piles of dirty clothes... You get the idea.

Without question the most powerful and emotional song on the CD is the song "'Til The Last Shot's Fired." It's for all those brave men and women who paid the ultimate price for their country. The choir at the end of the song really packs an emotional punch. If you buy this CD for only one song, this is the one.

"I Can't Outrun You" is about trying to escape the memory of an old love. No matter where you run, the memories are right there with you.

Trace Adkins really shines on every one of the 12 tracks of X. Be it silly, serious, sarcastic or spiritual, Trace puts his heart and soul into every song on this CD. Truly a must have for every one who is a trace Adkins fan. Highly recommended.

Release date: November 25, 2008 - Capitol Nashville

X Track List:

  1. Sweet
  2. Happy To Be Here
  3. All I Ask For Anymore
  4. Let's Do That Again
  5. Hauling One Thing
  6. Better Than I Thought It'd Be
  7. Marry For Money
  8. 'Til The Last Shot'S Fired
  9. I Can't Outrun You
  10. Hillbilly Rich
  11. Sometimes A Man Takes A Drink
  12. Muddy Water
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