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Jim Lauderdale - Bluegrass

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Jim Lauderdale - Bluegrass

Jim Lauderdale - Bluegrass

Yep Roc Records
Bottom Line:

The appropriately titled Bluegrass album by Jim Lauderdale is a thirteen song collection which was produced by Jim Lauderdale, Randy Kohrs and Bil Vorndick. Although the songs were mostly written by Jim, there were also some co-writes with Joe Henry ("Time's A Looking Glass"), Leslie Satcher ("Who's Leaving Who" and "There Goes Bessie Brown"), John Levanthal ("Forever Ends Today"), and Buddy Miller ("Love In The Ruins").

It gets "Mighty Lonesome" without his darling and he begs her to come back in the first song. He wants her to forgive him or at least talk to him so he can try to make things right. The message in "Time's A Looking Glass" is that you should live your life to the fullest because when you close your eyes to dream you don't want to regret not taking a chance. "I'm Still Living For You" is about a man who needs to start living for himself, despite wanting to hold on to the woman he still loves. It doesn't matter "Who's Leaving Who," something must be wrong to have a relationship come to this conclusion. "Who's leaving who? What's it to you? Something is wrong with this scene." A slower-paced song, "Forever Ends Today," allows the listener to pay more attention to the vocals. The man is looking back at old love letters sent by a woman who was supposed to be with him forever. But it was a promise broken.
Another lost relationship is found in "Love In The Ruins." After the damage has been done, you tend to look back and wonder what would have happened had you done something differently. By the time you come up with alternate endings it's too late to go back. "There Goes Bessie Brown" has tempo changes throughout parts of the song and that is something I really like about it. There's no telling what goes on in the woods but Bessie sure knows what's happening there - she stays around all the time. Jim Lauderdale wrote "My Treasure" by himself and you can tell because of the story-telling feel to it. The beginning of "Don't Blame The Wrong Guy" is an instrumental - which I love. "Don't replace me 'til you take me back just one more time" is part of the chorus. "Where They Turn Around" sends things off on an upbeat note. There's plenty of mandolin and fiddle to last you until the next time you want to listen to Bluegrass.

Song List:

  1. Mighty Lonesome
  2. Time's A Looking Glass
  3. I'm Still Living For You
  4. I Shouldn't Want You So Bad
  5. Who's Leaving Who
  6. Forever Ends Today
  7. Love In The Ruins
  8. There Goes Bessie Brown
  9. It Wasn't That I Had To
  10. It's So Different
  11. My Treasure
  12. Don't Blame The Wrong Guy
  13. Where They Turn Around

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