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Chris Thile - How To Grow A Woman From The Ground

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Chris Thile - How To Grow A Woman From The Ground

Chris Thile - How To Grow A Woman From The Ground

Sugar Hill
Bottom Line:

Chris Thile is beyond talented and it shows in every album he releases. He likes to mix it up while remaining true to the music he was born to play. There's a vintage feel to How To Grow A Woman From The Ground and it is refreshing, especially since Chris Thile was the sole producer on the collection.

A lively start to the album is the instrumental, "Watch 'At Breakdown." It's upbeat and very pleasant to listen to. Up next is "Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground," a song originally released by rockers The White Stripes. What's great about Chris' version is he takes it to a completely different (bluegrass) level. "O Santo De Polvora" is another spirited instrumental with plenty of focus on Chris Thile's mandolin playing. "Wayside (Back In Time)" is my favorite song from the album. It's about a man who wants things to be the way they used to. "So come all you good time rounders listenin' to my sound, and drink a round to Nashville before they tear it down," Chris sings. Those familiar with Gillian Welch will recognize this song from her Soul Journey album. One of the album's slower songs is "You're An Angel, and I'm Gonna Cry." It's about a yearning for someone to be there for you when you need someone to lean on. Title track, "How To Grow A Woman From The Ground," is an interesting song written by Thomas Anderson Brosseau. Despite the dark undertones, you'll probably enjoy the rather "different" way the lyrics are worded.
Melancholy sounding "The Beekeeper" is played before Chris Thile tackles the Jimmie Rodgers song, "Brakeman's Blues." Chris Thile really knows how to turn a good song into something completely different and wonderful. I love the falsettos and yodeling he does in the track. What I like about "If The Sea Was Whiskey" is the vocal arrangement. You can almost see Chris and the other singers huddled around one microphone and giving it their best. Paul Shelasky's "Cazadero" is a musical interlude before "Heart In A Cage" is played. The lyrics for "I'm Yours If You Want Me" are perfectly interwoven together as a man says how he would "rather be a letdown" than let being with her go. He doesn't believe in himself but if she does, she can have him. A Chris Thile penned instrumental ("The Eleventh Reel") brings the album to a close with as much of a positive energy as the opening tune.

Song List:

  1. Watch 'At Breakdown
  2. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
  3. Stay Away
  4. O Santo De Polvora
  5. Wayside/Back In Time
  6. You're An Angel And I'm Gonna Cry
  7. How To Grow A Woman From The Ground
  8. The Beekeeper
  9. If The Sea Was Whiskey
  10. Brakeman's Blues
  11. Cazadero
  12. Heart In A Cage
  13. I'm Yours If You Want Me
  14. The Eleventh Reel

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