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The Grascals - Long List of Heartaches

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The Grascals - Long List of Heartaches

The Grascals - Long List of Heartaches

Bottom Line:

The Grascals are the reigning 'Emerging Artist of the Year' for the International Bluegrass Music Association, and the title is well deserved. This is their sophomore album and the vocals and instrumentals are top notch. The album is a smooth musical blend that leaves you wanting more. Anyone who loves bluegrass will enjoy this album tremendously.

The Grascals Come Together

The Grascals are actually a relatively new band even though they sound like they have been together for decades. They didn't come together until 2004 and their debut album was released in 2005 and received a Grammy nomination for Best Bluegrass Album. Their talent was recognized very early on not just by fans but by fellow musicians as well. Dolly Parton hired them shortly after they formed their band as her opening act and her back up band. The Grascals are comprised of Terry Eldredge, Jamie Johnson, Jimmy Mattingly, Danny Roberts, Terry Smith and David Talbot. Being great friends brings into play the natural back and forth banter and those emotions and the bond from their friendship is very evident in the music. Their instrumentals are concise, yet emotionally charged to fit the mood of the songs. Their harmonies hit the nail on the head every time. They can nail a ballad that will send you for a handful of tissues and follow it up with a tune that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Musically, this CD will appeal to the bluegrass fan, but with their sound and lyrics it will also appeal to the traditional country music fan who may not like hard core bluegrass.

What You Will Find on The Long List of Heartaches

They brought some friends in to help them out for a few of the songs. Dierks Bentley joined them on some back and forth banter in "Being Me," the fun loving song about just being who you are with no apologies. "Don't Tell Mama" takes care of the ballad portion of the album in a big way. It is a story about driving drunk and the consequences of that choice. Legendary George Jones makes a guest appearance in the spoken third verse asking the person who finds him not to tell his mama he was drinking because her soul would never rest. It has some powerful lyrics and a great delivery. Any Bluegrass album worth its salt has to have a hymn included. And The Jordanaires lend their extraordinary harmonies on "Did You Forget God Today." "Hoedown in Motown" is a fun song about a southern boy who is stuck in Detroit City working in a factory. He talks about his girl bringing a 'country' picnic and they'll show his fellow workers who listen to rap what happens when you break out a fiddle on a good dance floor. Steve Wariner lends his unique guitar skills to this song. Other notable musicians who stop by are Lloyd Green, Hargus "Pig" Robbins, Bot Mater and Kent Wells. It is truly an all star album that you can't go wrong on.

Song List:

  1. Home
  2. Long List of Heartaches
  3. You Don't Have Very Far to Go
  4. Will You Be Loving Another Man
  5. Being Me
  6. Did You Forget God Today
  7. Hard Times
  8. Cut Your Wheels
  9. Don't Tell Mama
  10. Roll Muddy River
  11. My Night to Howl
  12. Keep Me From Blowing Away
  13. Hoedown in Motown

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