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Toby Keith - Shock'n Ya'll

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Shock 'n Y'all - Toby Keith

Shock 'n Y'all - Toby Keith


Shock'n Ya'll Bottom Line:

Toby Keith has never been a "politically correct" artist and after he's gained some strong success, he feels that he's got the right to speak his mind. Will everyone like Toby or this album? No. But those who do, like me, will appreciate the honesty and humor that infuses Toby's music, especially his new Shock 'n Y'all record.
In 1997, Mercury Records released Toby Keith from his recording contract. They said that "How Do You Like Me Now" would offend too many at radio to become a hit. Believing otherwise, Toby left the label (they said he was dropped) and bought his album back and "shopped" it to other labels. DreamWorks Records in Nashville was headed up by James Stroud and was the first label Toby went to. Stroud, also the producer for Toby since the Dream Walkin' CD immediately signed Toby to a contract and released a song "When Love Fades" to radio.

After sending out samples of the album, the stations requested "How Do You Like Me Now?!" be played instead. Toby and Stroud obliged and released the single. The single went on to go to No. 1 on the charts and Toby followed that with a string of hits and awards, all the while allowing his personality to shine.

Toby Keith

Toby Keith

DreamWorks Nashville
After the success of 2002's multi-platinum Unleashed, Toby's back with his fourth DreamWorks Records album, Shock 'n Y'all. Featuring 12 songs, the CD is mostly written by Toby with co-writers Chuck Cannon and DreamWorks artist Scotty Emerick (Toby produced his upcoming album).

Shock'n Ya'll - The Songs

"I Love This Bar" is the first single and already is in the Top 5 on both major country charts. The song tells a story of the average bar and how it attracts different kinds of people.

"Whiskey Girl" is a rockin' uptempo song with an infectious melody. Lyrically it tells a story of a woman who is strong minded and "wild." "She ain't into wine and roses, beer just makes her turn up her nose and she can't stand to stand and sip champagne, no Cuervo Gold margaritas, just ain't enough good burn in Tequila, she needs something with a little more edge and a little more pain, she's my little whiskey girl..." Toby sings.

"American Solidier" is a cool song. It's a ballad told through the life of a soldier. It is patriotic without being preachy. Toby has written (with Scotty Emerick) one heck of a song that is should be a big hit with military families and civilian fans alike. The lyrics say that he's just like any other guy but that he knows the "cost" and that he's doing "it" for us back home.

Written with Ronnie Dunn, "Don't Leave, I Think I Love You" is a slice of honky tonk heaven that is classic Toby. It is a song told through the eyes of a bar patron who feels like he's found the perfect girl: "Don't leave, I think I love you, I just saw the rest of my life, honey you're in it, won't you hear what I say, give me just a minute, Don't leave, I think I love you, I know you think I'm crazy, and you probably should, I wouldn't make this up, I couldn't dream this good," the chorus says. The song sounds like a fun summertime hit.

"The Critic" is a song that has a "King Of The Road" styled melody and is aimed towards those who think they're God's gift to the pen and those who criticize musicians without even really knowing what it takes to record and write a song. It's humorous and done in a jazzy style that's quite different for Toby.

"The Taliban Song" and "Weed With Willie" are "bus songs" that Toby and Scotty Emerick wrote together. They were never meant to be released but fans wanted to hear them. They're primarily humorous and on "Weed With Willie," Scotty Emerick sounds a lot like Willie himself. They're both live versions of the songs. "The Taliban Song" has a neat melody that gets into your head. Scotty duets with Toby on the songs.

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