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Amanda Henkle - 'Amanda Henkel'

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Amanda Henkle - 'Amanda Henkel'

Amanda Henkle - 'Amanda Henkel'

Desire Street Records

The Bottom Line

Amanda Henkel is one of Music City's brightest new faces. Her voice is pure and full of confidence, and her looks help wrap up the package. Although she may not be "solid" country, Amanda brings a different flavor to the table that no one else can mimic. If you are looking to give a new artist a chance, here is someone to consider.
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  • "Climbing Up Mt. Everest"
  • "A Million And One"
  • "Can't Trust The Weatherman"


  • "Break My Stride"
  • "No Easy Way Out"
  • It's an EP.


  • This album was recorded at Desire Street Records.
  • It was produced by Csaba Petocz.
  • Five song EP.

Guide Review - Amanda Henkle - 'Amanda Henkel'

Being a new face in Nashville is always a tough thing to deal with. Some people will love you, but some will hate you. Regardless of what you do, remaining true to yourself can seem impossible. Amanda Henkel beat the odds and is still remaining true to herself.

After being a model, Amanda decided she was ready to do what her heart was yearning for, and that was to be a country music singer. Knowing how the world is today she probably got a lot of slack, but thankfully she went with her heart.

Her debut album is a simple, five song EP. Her voice is great, but I'm just not convinced that the songs were the best choice. There are a couple strong ones, but a couple are very weak.

"Climbing Up Mt. Everest" is the first tune. It is catchy, but it is more "pop" than country.

"A Million And One" slows it way down. This is my favorite song on the album. It's a song about issues in a relationship and how she never once thought about leaving. Listening to it will make you think about things in your own life. One song on this record that ruined it for me was Amanda's version of "Break My Stride." I always liked the original version, but this one is even more repetitive. In the middle, they threw in a banjo and fiddle.

Bringing this album to a close is "Can't Trust The Weather Man." This is just a cute little tune about how the weatherman makes a living guessing the future. Again, a little too much "pop" for me.

If you are looking for something different, here is your chance. To say this is a country album is misleading, but if you like "pop" music with a country edge, this would be for you.

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