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Clint Black - The Love Songs

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Clint Black - Love Songs

Clint Black - Love Songs

Equity Music Group

The Bottom Line

Clint Black returns with his latest release on Equity Records entitled The Love Songs. Twelve tracks of some of Clint Black's favorite love songs just in time for Valentine's Day. There are a few new renditions of old favorites as well as the original versions of Clint's hits as you remember them. It also includes Clint's cover of the Jim Croce hit "I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song." All in all it's a very nice collection of some of Clint's favorite ballads.
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  • "When I Said I Do"
  • "Our Kind Of Love"
  • "I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song"


  • Some of the tracks are not the original versions.


  • Released on the Equity Music Group label.
  • This CD contains 12 tracks.
  • Produced by Clint Black.

Guide Review - Clint Black - The Love Songs

Clint Black's latest CD on the Equity label is entitled The Love Songs. Twelve tracks of the softer side of Clint's music. It's his follow up to the 2005 release entitled Drinkin' Songs & Other Logic. This CD is a mix of the hits you know, as well as a few songs that Clint re-recorded just for this collection.

Clint offers up three duets on this CD. The songs "When I Said I Do" and "Easy For Me To Say" with his wife Lisa Hartman Black. He also duets with Carolyn Dawn Johnson on the song "Our Kind Of Love." There's also a very nice cover of the song "I'll Have To Say I Love You In A Song," originally done back in 1973 by Jim Croce. And while Jim Croce's version had more of a folk sound, Clint's version has a more slightly bluesy edge to it.

Clint also does a few covers of his own hits for this collection. Songs like "Something That We Do," "Like The Rain," "One Emotion" and "Half The Man" have all been re-recorded just for this collection. And while the re-recorded versions are nice, the originals would have served this collection just as well. The two duets with Lisa Hartman Black are the original recordings as you remember them. Clint's voice has aged just a little since his 1989 debut hit "A Better Man," but the voice is still just as strong as it ever was. A great collection just in time for Valentine's Day. Any true CB fan will love having this collection.

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