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Alabama - Songs of Inspiration II

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Alabama - Songs of Inspiration II

Alabama - Songs of Inspiration II

RCA Nashville

The Bottom Line

This CD is an incredible Southern Gospel album. The harmonies of Alabama are some of the best out there, and being off the road hasn't changed that aspect of the group in the slightest. I loved the original song on this one just as much as I did the standards that were included. Listening to this album just gave me a sense of peace and relaxation and I highly recommend it for anyone's music collection.
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  • "Church in the Wildwood"
  • "Will The Circle Be Unbroken"
  • "Love Lifted Me"


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  • Thirteen Tracks on the CD.
  • Produced by Randy Owen, released by Sony BMG.
  • Includes a song penned by Teddy Gentry.

Guide Review - Alabama - Songs of Inspiration II

Alabama is the reigning Country Group of the Century and they have earned that title by being wildly successful for over three decades. And they may have stopped touring, but they haven't stopped the music. Each member of the group remains active in some part of the music business whether it be writing, producing or as with Jeff Cook, on the road with Mitch Glenn as the duo Cook & Glenn. Alabama came together again last year and released their first Inspirational album, which debuted at No. 1 on the country album charts and just amazed the group with how their fans embraced the album. So they came together again to record Songs of Inspiration II. And they definitely have another hit album on their hands. Says producer Randy Owens, "The second one is more like an Alabama live show. It is meant to inspire people." One of the first things I noticed after listening to this album all the way through was the sense of relaxation and peace I received from it.

This album really took me back to the years I spent listening to the Barbershop Quartets and Gospel groups at the local festivals and talent shows. You can't go wrong with songs like "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," "Precious Memories," "Church in the Wildwood" and "Love Lifted Me." "When it Comes My Time" is a beautiful song penned by Teddy Gentry for this project. The album closes with "Star Spangled Banner" which the band had never recorded before. It is just an amazing album all the way around.

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