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Alan Jackson – Precious Memories

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Alan Jackson – Precious Memories

Alan Jackson – Precious Memories

Arista Nashville

The Bottom Line

This is one of the most reflective Gospel albums I’ve heard in a long while. Alan just seemed to pick the perfect songs and use the perfect arrangements for this project. While it may not be to everyone’s taste, I think if you like Gospel music this is a "must have" for your collection.
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  • “'Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus”
  • “I'll Fly Away”
  • “How Great Thou Art”


  • None.


  • 15 tracks.
  • Produced by Keith Stegall.
  • Released by Arista, Sony/BMG and ACR Records.

Guide Review - Alan Jackson – Precious Memories

Alan Jackson wanted to make a special, and very personal, Christmas present for his mom. He decided he would record some of her favorite gospel songs. So, he sat down and recorded the songs and when the project was finished it sounded so good he decided to share it with everyone. And it is a real treat to listen to. The only instruments on the album are acoustic guitar, piano and organ. The songs are all reflective, so there is none of the foot stomping Southern Gospel. But it is just a soothing album to listen to all the way through. Alan’s voice is smooth and just flows through songs like “Blessed Assurance,” “I Love to Tell the Story” and “Standing on the Promises.” The fifth track is a song called “Tis So Sweet To Trust in Jesus” and he had very special help for that one. His wife, Denise, and children Mattie, Ali and Dani sing backup for that song.

This album is wonderful start to finish. It is amazingly relaxing and calming to listen to and the vocals are beyond reproach. It is sung from the heart and it shows. Two of my favorite songs are on here as well, “The Old Rugged Cross” and “How Great Thou Art.” I highly recommend this album for anyone that enjoys Gospel music.

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