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Brooks & Dunn - It Won't Be Christmas Without You

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Brooks & Dunn - It Won't Be Christmas Without You

Brooks & Dunn - It Won't Be Christmas Without You

Arista Nashville

The Bottom Line

This is a great Country Christmas album. Emphasis on country. So many stars make Christmas albums in the traditional style. Brooks & Dunn have added a little honky tonk to their arrangements, and it's a pleasure to listen to. Along with old favorites like "White Christmas" and "Winter Wonderland," there are some new songs, such as the title cut, "Rockin' Little Christmas," and "Hangin' Around the Mistletoe." Put this one in your CD player and bring some country to your holiday.
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  • "Winter Wonderland"
  • "Rockin' Little Christmas"
  • "Hangin' Round the Mistletoe"


  • None at all.


  • Released on Arista Nashville.
  • Produced by Kix Brooks, Ronnie Dunn, and Greg Droman.
  • First album of holiday music from Brooks & Dunn.

Guide Review - Brooks & Dunn - It Won't Be Christmas Without You

Are ya ready for a little honky tonk in your Christmas music? If so, this is the CD for you! Actually, there is probably a little bit of everything mixed in here. There is the bluesy "It Won't Be Christmas Without You," and the rockin' "Rockin' Little Christmas," as well as the honky tonkin' "Winter Wonderland."

If you're a fan of songs where Kix Brooks sings lead, you'll be happy to hear that of the eleven songs on the album, Kix sings lead on three of them. He co-wrote two of these three. "Rockin' Little Christmas" is sure to get you up and dancin' with its happy melody. "Santa's Coming Over To Your House" tells the story where the singer goes down to get another snack and catches Santa leaving. He then tells his friend to watch out, 'cuz "Santa's coming over to your house. I know 'cause he just left mine." The third song Kix sings lead on is the classic "White Christmas," and he does a great job with it. That's always been a favorite Christmas song of mine.

Most of the songs, other than the two new ones that Kix co-wrote, plus "Rockin' Little Christmas" and "Hangin' Round the Mistletoe" are traditional songs that you'll know every word. With these new Christmas treats, you'll find yourself checking out the lyrics inside the liner so you can sing along with them as well.

The whole album is a lot of fun. It's one that is sure to be staying in my CD player this holiday season.

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