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George Jones - 50 Years of Hits

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George Jones - 50 Years of Hits

George Jones - 50 Years of Hits

Bandit Records

The Bottom Line

This three CD set of pure enjoyment is a must have for any true collector of country music. George Jones is one of the true living legends, and this musical celebration of his career is amazing. There are 50 songs, one song for each year George Jones has been churning out the hits. It starts with the 1955 hit "Why Baby Why" and closes with a song from his last album, "Amazing Grace."
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  • "White Lightning"
  • "He Stopped Loving Her Today"
  • "Choices"


  • Absolutely none.


  • 50 Songs from 1955 to 2004.
  • Many old favorites that are now hard to find.
  • Includes a duets with Garth Brooks, Melba Montgomery and Tammy Wynette.

Guide Review - George Jones - 50 Years of Hits

This album is one of the best compilation albums I've seen in a long time. This George Jones musical adventure gives you a song a year from 1955 thru 2004. There are 50 songs spread over three CD's and many are songs that are still played on the radio today. Others, like "You Comb Her Hair," "Color of the Blues" and "Just One More" are all songs that bring back great memories and are hard to find now. One song that I didn't remember hearing before and I really liked was "Her Name Is." He was in love with someone else's wife, and instead of voicing her name out loud, he would say "and her name is...." And the steel guitar would be where her name would have been. It was a very neat use of the instruments.

After recording over 900 songs, I can't imagine how hard it was to whittle the list down to 50. For the most part, the songs they chose for this album were the biggest hits of that year, but in some cases they are the songs George thought were the best for that year. All but two of the songs are original recordings.

George has had an amazing career, and he isn't done yet. He has overcome earlier battles and is now stable in a loving, long-term relationship with his wife Nancy. There are a few true living legends, and George is very close to the top of the list. His smooth voice and traditional style have insured his place in country music history. There will never be another George Jones.

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