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Big Boss Man - Kentucky Headhunters

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Big Boss Man - Kentucky Headhunters

Big Boss Man - Kentucky Headhunters

The Bottom Line

It's hard to believe it's been fifteen years since I first heard the powerful rock- influenced real country jamming sound of Kentucky Headhunters. They blew me away then with their awesome disc of classic country covers, "Pickin' On Nashville," and now they're doing it again with another disc full of great cover songs. The Headhunters are great original musicians, but they can really kick butt on covers.
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  • "I Wouldn't Want To Be Her Man"
  • "Talk About Sufferin'"
  • "Alone Some"


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  • Twelve amazing tracks culled from the Sony/ATV catalog, roots rock and country.
  • The 12th CD release from the band since hitting the mainstream in 1989.
  • Fun takes on old standards, including the Beatles' "I'm Down."

Guide Review - Big Boss Man - Kentucky Headhunters

The Kentucky Headhunters may be the best, as well as the best-known, cover band in existence. Oh, I know, they mostly do original work. But their covers of classic songs are so much fun and so richly and newly presented it's easy to focus on them. I remembered being absolutely wowed by their cover of Henson Cargill's "Skip A Rope," and have been a fan ever since.

With hard rockin' heavy-metal country takes on songs such as Bob Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" and several Hank Sr. cuts, including "Take They Chains From My Heart," the Headhunters put a whole new and purely original spin on every song they take up, almost to where you might not even guess they were covers, except of course you already know all the words.

CbuJ Entertainment brings us this interesting disc, a project dreamed up by Tom Long of Sony/ATV, who sent the band the entire catalog for them to select songs from. They boiled down those 2,500 selections into the twelve choice tracks on this disc. The Headhunters remain the same five talented musicians who've been there from the first, brothers Richard and Fred Young, their cousins Greg Martin and Anthony Kenney, and Doug Phelps. With a simple combo of guitars, bass, and drums, they just plain rock country music.

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