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Blaine Larsen - Off to Join the World

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Blaine Larsen - Off to Join the World

Blaine Larsen - Off to Join the World

The Bottom Line

It is a rarity in the music business for a "major label" to re-issue a recently released "independent" album without changing or re-recording a bunch of songs. BNA Records believes so much in Blaine Larsen and the CD he and his producers made that they felt they didn't need to change much. I am grateful for that for the record is an absolute gem. One of the best new artist releases in years.
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  • "How Do You Get That Lonely"
  • "That's All I've Got To Say About That"
  • "If Merle Would Sing My Song"


  • None


  • 6 of 11 tracks Written/co-written by Blaine.
  • Produced by songwriters Rory Lee Feek and Tim Johnson.
  • Released by BNA Records and Giantslayer Records.

Guide Review - Blaine Larsen - Off to Join the World

What did you do when you graduated from high school? If you were like me, you prepared for college. If you were like others, you went straight to work. Few are like Blaine Larsen. Once signed to Sony Nashville, the 18 year old Larsen recorded and was set to release his debut album, "In My High School" on his producer's own independent label "Giantslayer Records." When a Seattle based BMG distribution employee emailed the label head of RLG Nashville Joe Galante, he liked what he heard and signed Blaine to the label. But instead of recording an "all new" album like is usually done, BNA asked them to record one more track and also added Merle Haggard to one song. They changed the artwork and tile.

The new song is one which was previously recorded by Jerry Kilgore, "That's All I've Got To Say About That" showcases Blaine's strong baritone voice that doesn't fit his youthful look at all. First BNA single "How Do You Get That Lonely" is making Blaine a household name with it's all too real story about the effect suicide has on those left behind. "If Merle Would Sing My Song" finds Blaine singing about his dream of having a legend sing his song. It comes true here as Merle does sing his song" at the end. Other standout tracks are "Yesireebob," "In My High School" and "The Best Man."

As complete as most CDs can get, "Off To Join The World" is one heck of a debut album. One that will have the soon-to-be 19 year old going places.

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