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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Live (and Loud) at Billy Bob's Texas

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Cross Canadian Ragweed - Live & Loud at

Cross Canadian Ragweed - Live & Loud at Billy Bob's

The Bottom Line

Cross Canadian Ragweed are the rockin' side of country/Americana, loud and proud and happy to just deliver some flat-out terrific music with a solid, straight-on style and uncompromising quality.
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  • "Mexican Sky"
  • "Johnny's Song"
  • "42 Miles"


  • "If I Were President"


  • One of the Billy Bob's Texas recordings from 2002.
  • Fifteen songs recorded live at the "World's Largest Honky-Tonk."
  • Terrific original songs, some clean, tremendous production.

Guide Review - Cross Canadian Ragweed - Live (and Loud) at Billy Bob's Texas

Cross Canadian Ragweed derive their name from their band members: Grady Cross, Cody Canada, and Randy Ragsdale. They're from Oklahoma, not from Canada. And they play music so good that Texas is just as happy to call their stuff "Texas music" as they are to welcome them to Billy Bob's award-winning honky-tonk.

I've been partial to Cross Canadian Ragweed since I first was turned on to them by an online friend who recommended their first independent release, "Highway 377," and since then have had the pleasure of seeing them live when they opened here for Dwight Yoakam and believe me, they were worthy of that master of honky-tonk. These boys know how to play, and they can rock that Americana like no one else.

My one beef with this disc could probably be put down to timing, and proves that timely political commentary should be left out of the music. In 2002, I'm sure I would have liked it better; in 2004, not so much. Unfortunately, it colored my enjoyment of the disc as a whole, and your mileage may vary. The rest of the disc is more than worthwhile, and it's too good to pass up, no matter your political stance.

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