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Lonestar - Coming Home

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Lonestar - Coming Home

Lonestar - Coming Home

The Bottom Line

With their latest CD, Lonestar comes through again with a great collection of new songs that every fan is sure to enjoy! This is one that you'll want to listen to over and over again.
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  • "You're Like Coming Home"
  • "Doghouse"
  • "Noise"


  • None.


  • Released on BNA Nashville.
  • Produced by Justin Niebank.
  • Contains 12 tracks.

Guide Review - Lonestar - Coming Home

OK, let's just get to the point. This CD is nothing short of awesome! Usually with most CD's you buy these days, you'll find a handful of great songs that you love to listen to over and over again, and the others are more or less just filler. This is not the case with Lonestar's latest CD 'Coming Home.' This CD is a joy to listen to from start to finish. Every song on this CD is fantastic!

With songs like "Noise," a song that talks about being bombarded from all sides with infomercials and ads, to "Doghouse," a fun song that talks about a guy who's roving eyes keeps getting him in trouble with his significant other. And Lonestar delivers more of their well-written ballads like "I Just Want To Love You" and "I'll Die Tryin'." These songs will tug at the romantic and sentimental side of everyone. This CD is one that you will surely want to keep within arms reach at all times!

If you're a fan of Lonestar, you will want to get your hands on their latest CD. This is a must have for everyone who loves really good country music. You could take any one of the 12 tracks on this CD and make it a hit!

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