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Patty Loveless - The Definitive Collection

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Definitive Collection - Patty Loveless

Definitive Collection - Patty Loveless

The Bottom Line

If you have been a Patty Loveless fan from the beginning or you want to hear some of her older material without buying more than one album at a time then 'The Definitive Collection' is perfect for you. It is a prime example of Patty's music throughout the years and with twenty-two different tracks you can't go wrong.
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  • "After All"
  • "On Down The Line"
  • "Lonely Too Long"


  • None.


  • A definitive collection on twenty-two Patty Loveless songs.
  • All songs are in chronological order of release date.
  • Prime example of Patty's consistant vocals throughout the years.

Guide Review - Patty Loveless - The Definitive Collection

I was not very familiar with Patty Loveless' earlier (1980's) songs so when I saw her 'Definitive Collection' was being released I thought I would get it to see how her early material compares to her newer releases. As each song is played in chronological order of their release dates, it doesn't take long to realize her songs have always been quality and her voice has been consistent throughout the years.

"Lonely Days, Lonely Nights," released in 1985, has a sound very reminiscent of that time period. It has a fast beat and the lyrics are simple but get the point across. "Wicked Ways" also has a similar sound but was released a year later in 1986. A woman who is feeling hurt wonders why the man wants to be free after all of the time she spent loving him. "Don't Toss Us Away" (1989) was Patty's first video was the third song to climb to the Top 5 on the charts.

The first hit of the 90's was "Chains," about a woman not wanting to be tied down in a bad relationship. A spunky side of Patty was shown in "I'm That Kind of Girl," with lines like "I'm getting tired of these one night stands, but if you're looking for a real romance I'm that kind of girl" because she was tired of playing relationship games. The last two songs on the album are Patty's most recent number one songs: the Matraca Berg and Tim Krekel-penned "You Can Feel Bad" (1995) and one of my favorite Patty songs, "Lonely Too Long" that was released in August of 1996.

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