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David Frizzell - Confidentially

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David Frizzell - Confidentially

David Frizzell - Confidentially

The Bottom Line

When you come from a country music dynasty with a name as instantly recognizable as "Frizzell" you have a lot to live up to. Fortunately for everyone, David is more than up to the challenge. While retaining a true-blue country music sound, David Frizzell long ago stepped comfortably out of the shadow of brother Lefty to become his own performer with his own sound and his own style, which shows magnificently here on this disc.
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  • "American Nights"
  • "Warm Spanish Wine"
  • "Cowboy Hats"


  • None.


  • Released on David's own Nashville America Records label.
  • Features guest vocalists Jimmy Fortune (Statler Brothers) and John Cowan (New Grass Revival).
  • Also features Frizzell's first male/female duet in more than a decade with Amy Clawson.

Guide Review - David Frizzell - Confidentially

It's nice to hear David Frizzell recording again. He has a comfortable, rich, real country voice that's also, at least I think, plenty radio-friendly, in the same vein as folks like Alan Jackson and George Strait. Frizzell certainly spent a great deal of time on the charts back in the 70's and 80's, recording with Shelly West. Their hits included the wildly popular "You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma," and his solo career is crowned with the classic "I'm Gonna Hire A Wino To Decorate Our Home."

Now Frizzell is back with a truly excellent piece of work, "Confidentially." Featuring songs written by Frizzell himself, as well as some of the cream of country songwriters (including Kostas, Roger Alan Wde, Chris Cummings, and Mickey Newberry), it's a solid, enjoyable, pure country listen packed with rich melodies and clever lyrics.

Frizzell's voice and excellent songs are sure to bring in a whole new generation of fans, if radio will just deign to play him. Tracks like "Warm Spanish Wine" (the second single) and "American Nights" are actually a lot better than some stuff I'm hearing on the charts these days, so I really hope folks give them a chance. David Frizzell may have arrived in the shadow of his legendary brother Lefty, but he more than shines on his own.

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