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Garth Brooks - 'Sevens'

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Garth Brooks - Sevens

Garth Brooks - Sevens

Capitol Nashville

The Bottom Line

Sevens was released in 1997, his seventh studio album. The album features the honky tonk drinkin' song "Longneck Bottle," the emotionally charged duet with Trisha "In Another's Eyes" and the introspective ballad "She's Gonna Make It" among the standout tracks.

When first released, the first 777,777 copies were stamped with the "First Edition" seal, making them collector's editions. The album has since gone on to sell over 10 million copies, one of Garth's best-selling CDs.

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  • "You Move Me"
  • "Longneck Bottle"
  • "In Another's Eyes"


  • None.


  • Garth's seventh studio release.
  • Includes duet with Trisha Yearwood, "In Another's Eyes."
  • Includes duet with Steve Wariner, "Longneck Bottle."

Guide Review - Garth Brooks - 'Sevens'

Garth Brooks released Sevens in 1997. It was due to be released to coincide with his Central Park show, but the release had to be delayed due to major changes in label staff during this time. Two months after the huge success of Central Park, Garth's album was released to great success.

The first single was the honky tonkin' drinkin' "Longneck Bottle," which heavily featured both steel guitar and fiddle. The song was a duet with Steve Wariner, and topped the charts.

The second single, the sorrowful "She's Gonna Make It" is reminiscent of "Learning to Live Again," only in this song, the man knows the ex is going to be fine, while he's not. In "Learning to Live Again," the man is trying to start over, and having a hard time. This song peaked at No. 2.

You could argue that "Two Piña Coladas" is very similar to "Friends in Low Places." Both songs feature crowds singing along with Garth, only "Coladas" has a more island-feel, with acoustic guitar and steel drums. This was another No. 1 for Garth.

The final single was the lovely acoustic guitar-driven ballad, "You Move Me," which peaked at No. 3.

Other outstanding tracks are "Cowboy Cadillac," which Brooks infuses with honky tonk flair, and the emotionally beautiful tale of soldiers at war during Christmas, and how both sides called a truce as they sang "Silent Night" together. Brooks' voice is emotional as he sings "heaven's not beyond the clouds, it's just beyond the fear."

This is an album filled with a mix of styles of music, from country, to pop, to gospel, and they all mesh into what is a very enjoyable album.

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