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Sonny Landreth - Grant Street

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Sonny Landreth - Grant Street

Sonny Landreth - Grant Street

The Bottom Line

With 11 electric songs that mix blues, rock, zydeco and some country into an appealing mix, Sonny Landreth's "Grant Street" is a fun album that makes for a great road trip album. It also makes me feel very good every time I listen to it. Something not every album does to me. This is a very good album, one of the better live CD's I've ever heard.
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  • "Congo Square"
  • "Blues Attack"
  • "Pedal To Metal"


  • Not exactly country music.


  • All songs written by Sonny Landreth.
  • Produced by Sonny Landreth, R.S. Fild & Bob Cooney.
  • Released by Sugar Hill Records.

Guide Review - Sonny Landreth - Grant Street

Have you ever looked for an album that you could listen to that would not only help you relax but leave you in good spirits? Sonny Landreth's "Grant Street" is such an album for me. While it's mostly an instrumental album, "Grant Street" is still a classy album. In fact, the album was recorded live at the Grant Street Dancehall in Lafayette, LA over the course of two nights in April of 2004.

Fans of smoky, swampy blues rock with a bit of zydeco and country thrown in will definitely appreciate "Grant Street." The opening "Native Stepson" sets the foundational tone for the 11 track album. "Broken Hearted Road" is a seven minute slice of blues rock heaven while "Port Of Calling" finds Sonny's sterling guitar work in fine form (he's a noted blues and slide guitar player who's often featured on many artist's albums). "Blues Attack" is an appropriate tile for a song that I could easily see being played at any artist's show. It's also one of the handful of songs that finds sonny singing (which he's very good at by the way). Another standout track is the nearly 8 minute long "Pedal To Metal." Sonny's "signature" song "Congo Square" rounds out the album.

While "Grant Street" is a live album, it's certainly not mixed that way. The crowd's participation in the album is muted out so that the music speaks for itself. Sonny Landreth is a powerhouse of a slide guitar player who, based on this record, must be a wonder to see live.

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