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Toby Keith – Honky Tonk University

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Toby Keith - Tonky Tonk University

Toby Keith - Tonky Tonk University

The Bottom Line

Toby Keith is a superstar who continues to make good albums. While "Honkytonk University" isn't Toby's greatest, it's full of good songs, many of them more traditional sounding than a lot of other contemporary stars songs are.
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  • "Honkytonk U"
  • "As Good As I Once Was"
  • "Where You Wanna Go"


  • Not groundbreaking by any stretch of the imagination.


  • All songs are written or co-written by Toby Keith.
  • Produced by James Stroud & Toby Keith.
  • Released by DreamWorks Records.

Guide Review - Toby Keith – Honky Tonk University

Toby Keith has been a country superstar since 1999, and with that there's been pressure for him to continue to deliver star quality albums. Fortunately for Toby, he's always been able to deliver what his fans want. "Honkytonk University" is Toby's first all-new album release since 2003. Featuring 12 tracks, the record is also Toby's most traditional country sounding record since probably his first album.

The title track leads off the record and reads like a history book of where Toby came from to where he is today. It was a Top 10 hit but has fallen pretty fast which is why Toby's second single, "As Good As I Once Was" was released to radio before the album came out. Thankfully, the song is a good one, so good that it rivals anything off of Toby's "How Do You Like Me Now?!" album. It's a fun track about getting older, and how we don't have as much "energy" as we once had.

"She Ain't Hooked On Me No More" is a fun duet sung with the legendary Merle Haggard, while "Just The Guy To Do It" is about a guy wishing to be the one for a lady. "Where You Wanna Go" is a Don Williams-like track about a ramblin' man who, despite love for his lady, continues to be a lost soul, and the son who's just like him.

"Honkytonk University isn't a groundbreaking album but it's a nice addition to Toby Keith's catalogue of albums. Even if you haven't liked Toby before now, you might find something enjoyable on the CD.

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