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Hot Apple Pie – Hot Apple Pie

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Hot Apple Pie - Hot Apple Pie

Hot Apple Pie - Hot Apple Pie

The Bottom Line

Over the years country music has morphed into different segments of one genre yet the one thing that’s usually stayed constant is the quality of songwriting. Hot Apple Pie’s self-titled debut album if packed with quality songs. This is a feel-good album.
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  • "California King"
  • "The Shape I’m In"
  • "Why Can’t I Get To You"


  • None.


  • All instruments (except for some steel guitar) are played by Hot Apple Pie.
  • Produced by Richard Landis.
  • Released by DreamsWorks Records/UMG Nashville.

Guide Review - Hot Apple Pie – Hot Apple Pie

The genesis for Hot Apple Pie began when Brady Seals decided to return to country music after a brief fling with “pop music.” While he never achieved the solo success that he deserved, Brady was an integral part of Little Texas’ most successful era. Along with two former backing members and a new bass player, Seals formed Hot Apple Pie and immediately attracted interest from labels, ultimately signing with DreamWorks Nashville.

The first single released to radio is the fun “Hillbillies.” It’s the kind of irreverent, summertime song that doesn’t change the world but makes you feel good. “We’re Making Up” is uptempo, harmony driven track while “California King” chronicles what it’s like to be the flavor of the month in the entertainment world only to see it all fade quickly. “The Good Life” is another summertime song while “Why Can’t I Get To You” is a soft and tender ballad that could be a nice hit for Hot Apple Pie. Robbie Robertson’s “The Shape I’m In” is a well-done remake with fine pickin’ while “Slowin’ Down The Fall” features Willie Nelson and it’s the most traditional country sounding track on the 13 song disc.

With four equally talented musicians (and not Brady Seals w/a backing band) Hot Apple Pie has joined the ranks of the better bands to have come out of Nashville the last couple of years. There are quite a few songs on this record that could be hits for Hot Apple Pie.

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