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Jason Allen - Wouldn't It Be Nice

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Wouldn't It Be Nice - Jason Allen

Wouldn't It Be Nice - Jason Allen

The Bottom Line

Country through and through mixed in with some blues is what you will find on 'Wouldn't It Be Nice.'
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  • "John Boat Blues"
  • "Hold 'Em Up"
  • "Devil's Destiny"


  • None.


  • Jason Allen's second album.
  • Guest intrumentalists Randy Cornor and Redd Volkeart.
  • Songs written by Jim Lauderdale, Leslie Satcher, Clay Blaker, & Jason Allen.

Guide Review - Jason Allen - Wouldn't It Be Nice

There is no doubt that Jason Allen has talent because it shows on 'Wouldn't It Be Nice.' With thirteen different songs to enjoy & guest instrumentalists Randy Cornor, Redd Volkeart & Clay Blaker you can't go wrong.

In "Make Up Your Mind," the guy doesn't mind the girl playing hard to get but he thinks she needs to hurry up and make up her mind. Being out on the lake casting a line and waiting to catch some fish is the feeling the bluesy "John Boat Blues" gives listeners.

The fun tune "Chicken Pluckin'" features famed guitarist Randy Cornor and Red Volkeart on a telecaster. "He could make that guitar talk you know he could. Well the people came from all around just to hear him make that guitar sound" are two lines of the song. One of my favorites is "Hold 'Em Up," which is about wanting to get away from responsibilities by going to a honky tonk bar. Getting lost in the neon & the smoke is the only thing the patrons need.

"Everything But The Words" is my favorite slow song from the album with its heartbreaking yet beautiful lyrics. There's no doubt about it - the talented Jim Lauderdale & Leslie Satcher write great songs. Danceable "Your Love" was written by Jason & Texas singer/songwriter Clay Blaker. Dramatic "Devil's Destiny" sounds like something straight off of a Mavericks album while title track "Wouldn't It Be Nice" closes out the collection nicely with the topic being about how great going back in time and enjoying a simpler life would be.

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