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Miranda Lambert - 'Kerosene'

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Miranda Lambert - Kerosene

Miranda Lambert - Kerosene

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The Bottom Line

If you want an album with twelve outstanding tracks from a really great new artist, Kerosene is for you. Produced by Frank Liddell and Mike Wrucke with Buddy Miller on background vocals you can't go wrong with this album.
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  • "I Can't Be Bothered"
  • "Me and Charlie Talking"
  • "Bring Me Down"


  • None.


  • Miranda Lambert's debut album.
  • Produced by Frank Liddell and Mike Wrucke.
  • Twelve great sounding tracks.

Guide Review - Miranda Lambert - 'Kerosene'

Miranda Lambert was the third place contestant on the original Nashville Star series and is finally getting around to releasing an album. I must say that after all this time the end product is definitely worth waiting for because this is one talented young artist. Not only does she have a great voice but she also writes songs that show some hints of her many influences.

Title track "Kerosene" is about a girl who decides to toughen up after love gave up on her. She gave everything in the relationship and never received anything in return.

"Greyhound Bound For Nowhere" is a song Miranda performed on Nashville Star and her voice really shines throughout the lyrics.

"Bring Me Down" finds a girl wanting the man to look her in the eye when he breaks her heart again after many nights spent thinking she was completely over him.

"I Can't Be Bothered" is a great honky-tonk shuffle song with Buddy Miller on background vocals. The girl knows exactly how long it's been since the break up (right down to the hour), yet she tries to be tough and lead people to think she's already over everything.

"Me and Charlie Talking" is a fun song about how young love is so full of promises that rarely come true when you become an adult.

"There's A Wall" standing in between a couple and it feels like things will never get better because as she keeps pushing harder he gets stronger.

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