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Johnny Cash - The Legend of Johnny Cash

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Johnny Cash - The Legend of Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash - The Legend of Johnny Cash

The Bottom Line

If you've been looking for a no frills, solid collection of Johnny Cash's hits, then this is the CD you've been waiting for! 21 unforgetable hits that spans 50 years of music from the Man In Black. If other greatest hits CD's left you wanting more. Here is the “more” you've been waiting for.
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  • “Guess Things Happen That Way”
  • “A Boy Named Sue (Live)”
  • “One Piece At A Time”


  • None.


  • This disc contains 21 tracks.
  • Released on Hip-O/Sony BMG/UMe.
  • This CD Spans 50 years of the music of Johnny Cash.

Guide Review - Johnny Cash - The Legend of Johnny Cash

"Hello, I'm Johnny Cash." What more really needs to be said? OK, you want more? Let's talk about this really fantastic CD! 'The Legend of Johnny Cash,' spans the "Man In Black's" entire career for the first time on one single CD.

With a recording career that spans 50 years, 'The Legend Of Johnny Cash' will be released October 25, 2005. It will lead into the November 18th Premiere of Walk The Line, the 20th Century Fox movie that’s based on his early years, and starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon.

This CD features 21 of his recordings on the Sun, Columbia, Island and American Record labels. 'The Legend Of Johnny Cash' is the first compilation to include his work on American. Also highlighting the package is a 16-page booklet.

The disc starts off with a track from Sun Records, "Hey, Porter"/"Cry! Cry! Cry!" It also includes the studio version of the Top 10 Country "Folsom Prison Blues," "I Walk The Line" and "Get Rhythm." Johnny Cash signed with Columbia in 1958 and five years later had a #1 hit with "Ring Of Fire." Then in 1967 he hit again with "Jackson."

In 1969, the live 'Johnny Cash At San Quentin' would give Johnny his biggest hit ever, "A Boy Named Sue." And it's worth mentioning that the version of "A Boy Named Sue" on this CD is *not* censored.

If you want a solid retrospective of Johnny Cash's hits, this is the CD you will want to have!

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