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Roxie Dean - Ms. America

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Roxie Dean - Ms. America

Roxie Dean - Ms. America

The Bottom Line

Roxie Dean may have taken a circuitous route to release her debut album but what she presents here is nothing but "Grade A Modern Country Music" from a distinctive vocalist and songwriter. Give "Ms. America" a listen, you'll be glad you did.
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  • "Why They Call It Falling"
  • "Miss America"
  • "A Soldier's Wife"


  • None.


  • All songs are co-written or written by Roxie Dean.
  • Produced by Herb Tassin.
  • Released by Valhalla Music Group and CBuJ Entertainment.

Guide Review - Roxie Dean - Ms. America

After becoming a sought after songwriter (Reba's current hit "My Sister" and Tracy Lawrence's "Lonely"), Roxie Dean was signed to DreamWorks records, but almost as soon as she had released a single ("Everyday Girl") for the label, there was an impending merger with UMG Nashville that saw the end of the recording contract. Rather than "pack it in," Roxie chose to continue on and signed with Valhalla Music Group and CBuJ entertainment for the release of her debut album "Ms. America."

What a cool collection of songs the album is. The title track "Miss America" says that there's beautiful women everywhere, even if they're not the "Miss America Pageant" types. Previously recorded by Lee Ann Womack, "Why They Call It Falling" has always been a lyrical gem, and Roxie's own take on the song is great. Written with Don Schlitz ("The Gambler") the song has hit written all over it. "A Man Like Bugs," "Just Like A Man" and "Women Know Women" are all hilarious songs that really give me the feeling that the comparison to Roger Miller isn't far off. "Everything I Hear" is a great song about believing what we see while the touchingly beautiful "A Soldier's Wife" (the first single) closes the record. It's a great reminder that war is tough on the home front too.

Roxie Dean's "Ms. America" is well-written and performed collection of songs that rivals anything to come from any of the major record labels.

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