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Robert Earl Keen - A Bigger Piece of the Sky

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A Bigger Piece of the Sky - Robert Earl

A Bigger Piece of the Sky - Robert Earl Keen

The Bottom Line

Many look to “A Bigger Piece Of Sky” as the point in which Robert Earl Keen became a influential voice in Texas Country music. After playing it a few times, I understand why.
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  • “Corpus Christi Bay”
  • ”Whenever Kindness Fails”
  • ”Paint The Town Beige”


  • It’s Texas Country, so it’s not for everyone.


  • All but one of the songs are written by Robert Earl Keen.
  • Released by Rosetta/Koch Records Nashville.
  • CD is mastered in the Hybrid SACD format: it plays in both regular and SACD players.

Guide Review - Robert Earl Keen - A Bigger Piece of the Sky

Since he first began to record music in the early 1990’s Texan Robert Earl Keen has become known for his witty, poetic lyrical style and distinctive vocals. He also has attained a very loyal fan base that are as protective a group of fans as those who defend the superstars like Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw.

Many point to this album as the turning point in REK’s career. Originally released in 1993, the CD was the one which found REK mixing many of the “alternative country” genres into a cohesive collection of songs. Terry Allen’s “Amarillo Highway,” about the daily life of an everyday guy, opens the record. “Corpus Christi Bay” finds him singing about some more “small” details of one’s life. This song is one that is often cited to be among his best. “Whenever Kindness Fails” is a country rock track that finds him singing as a misunderstood guy who resorts to violence whenever kindness fails to greet him. “Blow You Away” features Maura O’Connell and Michael Shaw and discusses all the ways in which one could possibly get mixed up and those who wait until it happens. “Paint The Town Beige” is the song which features the CD title and it’s about an old desperado who decides to settle down despite his still restless soul.

Robert Earl Keen is a talented man who has helped define a new generation of Texas music. Followers include Pat Green and Cory Morrow. “A Bigger Piece Of Sky” is about as perfect as an album can get. Anyone looking for great country music should check it out.

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