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Little Big Town - The Road To Here

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Little Big Town - The Road To Here

Little Big Town - The Road To Here

The Bottom Line

Country vocal quartet Little Big Town has released another album and because of their belief in themselves they haven't let set backs hold them back. They have kept their dreams alive and those set backs they've had in the past have made them stronger they believe. Packed with awesome voices and lots of great songs and not to mention the beautiful sound of the Dobro playing in the background. I read they pour their souls into their music and this album shows those souls and I love it.
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  • "Boondocks"
  • "Bones"
  • "Stay" (Acoustic)


  • None.


  • Released on Equity Records (co-owned by Clint Black)
  • Produced by Little Big Town and Wayne Kirkpatrick for Magic Beans Production.
  • 13 Tracks, including an awesome acoustic one.

Guide Review - Little Big Town - The Road To Here

This group is unique in having two men and two woman singers. They've beleived in their uniqueness for sometime and done a wonderful job writing songs for a long awaited album. It's a pleasure to hear each singer with their unique style of it's own. "Boondocks,"the debut single off the album, a catchy tune that shows off all four singers voices. It's about being proud of where you come from and remembering all the great things about it growing up. Like in the verse "it's where I learned about life and I learned about love."

They've became a family through their trials and believe they have a special place in Country Music and shown that in this album. Songs like: "Bones," talks about what goes around comes around, things that we've said and done will haunt us and you can't hide from that sort of thing, "they're waiting in the closet" is one line.

This album is packed with stories of what these singers have gone through in the last so many years. Reading the words and listening to the songs just really took me into their lives and showed me what kind of people they are, and they are true country people.....the kind people you want around you. Great job!!

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