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Trace Adkins - Songs About Me

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Trace Adkins - Songs About Me

Trace Adkins - Songs About Me

The Bottom Line

If you like your country with a little rock, Trace Adkins will do you just fine with 'Songs About Me.' The album is filled with songs many fans can relate to.
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  • "Arlington"
  • "Songs About Me"
  • "My Way Back"


  • None.


  • Trace Adkins' sixth studio album.
  • Released on Capitol Nashville.
  • Produced by Scott Hendricks and Dan Huff.

Guide Review - Trace Adkins - Songs About Me

'Songs About Me' is Traces' sixth studio album, coming on the heels of 'Comin' On Strong,' which was recently certified platinum.

While I don't have all of Trace's albums, I have most of them, and I am really loving where he's going with his music. I loved 'Comin' On Strong,' and wished they would have released more singles from the album. 'Songs About Me' is just as good, if not better, and there are several excellent songs that should be singles.

One of my favorite things about country music is that the stories in the songs are things many fans can relate to. The title track talks about "lovin' and livin' and good-hearted women, family and God." The song recently cracked the Top 20 and is still bulleted, so I expect much more from it.

I think the song I love most has to be the poignant "Arlington." It is sung from a soldiers point of view, where he says "I'm proud to be on this peaceful piece of property," and "I can rest in peace, I'm one of the chosen ones, I made it to Arlington." Truly an amazing song. It pays tribute to the soldiers that lost their lives without being political.

Trace is wistful in "I Wish It Was You," as memories of a past love are triggered by a variety of situations. In "My Way Back," Trace sings of the little things his family has done to remind him where he is from.

If in his last album he was 'Comin' On Strong,' in 'Songs About Me,' Trace is closing in on superstardom. This album is a definite keeper.

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