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Steven Clawson – Southern Soul

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Steven Clawson - Southern Soul

Steven Clawson - Southern Soul

The Bottom Line

"Southern Soul" announces the arrival of a splendid new talent. While Steven's voice is soulful, his lyric and melodies are pure country which is something that could have Steven in his own unique niche. Why Nashville Star didn't keep him around I have no idea. Perhaps they "let him go" because they knew he didn't need the show to get a major recording contract. There's not a bad track on the EP.


  • "East Meets The West"
  • "I Cry Alone"
  • "Golden Ring"


  • Only seven songs long.


  • All songs written by Steven Clawson.
  • Produced by Steven Clawson, Ben Liscio and B. Thornberry.
  • Released by Reflection Records/Steven Clawson Music.

Guide Review - Steven Clawson – Southern Soul

With Nashville Star 3 rapidly approaching, there has been an influx of new, "untapped" talent trying out for the show. One of those who tried out was Steven Clawson. A 23-year-old singer/songwriter from Thomasville Georgia, Clawson is the son of two vocalists. With one listen to any of the seven songs on Steven's debut EP "Southern Soul" the bloodlines are immediately evident. Simply, Steven possesses an enchanting voice that mixes well with modern country, pop music or even R&B/soul.

Leading off the collection is the mid-tempo ballad "You Bring Me Back." "Unwind" is a song that could find its way onto a radio station. It features a Motown-like melody that backs up a sweet lyric about the way that special woman makes him feel. "Golden Ring" is a great up-tempo track that will make ya wanna dance. As if to prove that he can do more than mid-tempo and uptempo tracks, Steven rounds out the record with some ballads, the type of ballads country radio eats up. "East Meets The West" is a tender track about a guy who is thankful for the time he had with a special girl. "I Cry Alone" rounds out the short EP and it's a wonderfully crafted ballad.

While the lyrics and melodies truly shine on "Southern Soul," it really is Steven's voice that is the true highlight of the EP. With a talent as big as his, I have no doubts that he'll be getting a major record deal and having hits, despite the fact that Nashville Star didn't keep him around for the TV portion of the show.

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