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T. Graham Brown – Live At Billy Bob’s Texas

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T. Graham Brown - Live at Billy Bob's Te

T. Graham Brown - Live at Billy Bob's Texas

The Bottom Line

T. Graham Brown’s style of singing definitely is better suited for a live setting and “Live At Billy Bob’s Texas” is an album that proves it. He’s a dynamic singer with a strong songwriting ability that really are showcased here. Fans of great music shouldn’t miss this one.


  • “Darlene”
  • “I Tell It Like It Used To Be”
  • “Wine Into Water”


  • None.


  • Features a mix of T. Graham Brown originals and cover songs.
  • Produced by Rick Smith and T. Graham Brown.
  • Released by the Smith Music Group.

Guide Review - T. Graham Brown – Live At Billy Bob’s Texas

Over the course of two decades, T. Graham Brown has mixed blue-eyed soul, country and rock into an appealing package that has provided numerous hit singles. After a strong string of 10 Top 10 hits in the middle 80’s, T. Graham fought his addiction to alcoholism. The battle derailed his career and it took most of the 1990’s for T. Graham to beat the addiction. Happily for music fans, T. Graham not only beat it but he came out a better artist.

The first song he released after the battle was “Wine Into Water.” It is a timeless track in which an alcoholic asks for God’s help in the addiction battle. On this live album, the song is simply stunning. “I Tell It Like It Used To Be” was T. Graham’s first big hit and sounds great here. “Darlene” is a cool love song to that woman he loves while “Memphis Women And Chicken” is a fine piece of country soul music. T. Graham’s cover of Wilson Pickett’s “634-5789” is fun as is the seven minute “Use The Blues.” The hit “Hell And High Water” showcases the smoother ballad side of T. Graham. “Hide And Seek” is a raucous song that is a great track to end a show with.

Fans of country music that also like bluesy rock will definitely find something to like on T. Graham Brown’s “Live At Billy Bob’s Texas.” It’s a strong live album that showcases nothing but the best of T. Graham Brown.

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