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Andy Griggs - This I Gotta See

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This I Gotta See - Andy Griggs

This I Gotta See - Andy Griggs

The Bottom Line

If you want an album that can do no wrong with a good selection of fast & slow songs, 'This I Gotta See' is for you.
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  • "Hillbilly Band"
  • "If Heaven"
  • "My Kind of Beautiful"


  • None.


  • Andy Griggs' third album.
  • Contains the Top 10 single, "She Thinks She Needs Me."
  • Excellent song selections.

Guide Review - Andy Griggs - This I Gotta See

If I had to pick an artist whose music I feel is greatly unappreciated, I would have to choose Andy Griggs. Sure he has had success but his music really is something special & it deserves so much more recognition than it gets. 'This I Gotta See' is something music lovers need to purchase to hear what good music is all about.

Hurrying up to get to the woman he loves is the topic of title track "This I Gotta See." He misses seeing her pretty face as she sits on the front porch barefoot, wearing one of his sweatshirts because she keeps him from going crazy. "My Kind of Beautiful" is an upbeat song about how a guy never wants to wake up if his perfect lover/friend is a dream because he wants to know how the story will end.

"She Thinks She Needs Me" is the first single where a story of love & support is told. The woman thinks that she gets her support from her man, yet he needs her faithful loving arms to keep him from falling apart. "Hillbilly Band" is a song that I'd like to hear on the radio as a single. Since a young man's first listen to the Opry he wanted to hit the road with a band trying to make it to a stage of his own. Take all of the money & platinum records away from him & he'll still be fine because all he wants to feel is the energy of a live crowd. "If Heaven" is especially touching to me with lyrics like, "Don't cry a tear for me baby, there comes a time we all must say goodbye [..] You know I ain't afraid to die" - it really does pull at the heartstrings.

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