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Toby Keith - 'Greatest Hits 2'

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Toby Keith - Greatest Hits 2

Toby Keith - Greatest Hits 2


The Bottom Line

Another greatest hits album from the 2004 ACM Entertainer of the Year. On this special treat of an album we get the pleasure of hearing Toby's greatest hits along with a duet with his daughter Krystal, singing the 1970's hit "Mockingbird." What better choice for him to sing this song than with his daughter who he says; has a voice of a bird. It's something they have sung around the house for sometime, so he decided it should go on the album. Lots of Toby's best songs on this album.
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  • "How Do You Like Me Now"
  • "I Wanna Talk About Me"
  • "Courtesy Of The Red, White and Blue"


  • None.


  • Produced by James Stroud and Toby Keith
  • Released on DreamWorks Records Nashville
  • 11 out of 14 songs written by Toby.

Guide Review - Toby Keith - 'Greatest Hits 2'

How Do You Like Me Now?" is a song that Toby liked but the label he was with didn't and they dropped him. But look at him now, what a great song!!! Now that he is with DreamWorks he feels that he can be more himself with the songs that he's put on this one. His career has sure advanced since then. Good move I'd say with his "You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This" spending five weeks at No. 1, and "I Wanna Talk About Me" which is one of my favorites had a five week run.

Courtesy of The Red White And Blue," was written in response to 9/11 terrorist attacks. It held a two-week at No. 1. "Who's Your Daddy?" another two-week chart-topper " and who can forget the six-week No. 1 Willie Nelson and Toby duet, "Beer For My Horses." What a fun loving song that is, and to be able to get the legend Willie Nelson to sing it with you. And if you've never seen the video, you need to catch it sometime.

There are also 2 live songs on this hits album; "You Ain't Much Fun" and "Should've Been A Cowboy," from his time with Mercury. It wouldn't be a greatest hits album if it didn't have songs from when Toby first started out in country music that put him in the ranks of country's most successful and promising young artists. This is a must have for any country music fan out there. You'll want to add this one to your collection. I've yet to see Toby live, but I hope to soon. I too, like your daughter's voice Toby. Nice upbeat version of "Mockingbird." Great job!!!

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