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Todd Fritsch - Todd Fritsch

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Todd Fritsch - Todd Fritsch

Todd Fritsch - Todd Fritsch

The Bottom Line

Rancher and singer-songwriter Todd Fritsch's self-titled album is all-out honky tonk. Pure country. Traditional. You get the idea. There's nothing mainstream about these twelve songs, and I find that quite refreshing. I expect the best from Texas artists and that's certainly what I got.


  • "I Got Mexico"
  • "Memory Do Your Thing"
  • "I Don't Live Here Anymore"


  • None.


  • Todd Fritsch's third album.
  • Produced by Doug Deforest.
  • Contains a cover of Eddy Raven's "I Got Mexico."

Guide Review - Todd Fritsch - Todd Fritsch

I have pretty high expectations when it comes to Texas musicians & Todd Fritsch met & surpassed them by leaps & bounds. This is an excellent album & is pure country through & through. There's no rockin' edge to it, it's just an album full of wonderful, traditional sounding country music.

Todd is "eating right & living good" in his cover of Eddy Raven's "I Got Mexico." An ode to "Small Town Radio" is found on the album's second song. "It's all the news that ain't the news but it's all you need to know. When your whole world turns around the sound of small town radio" sings Todd. I love the mandolin intro to "I Don't Live Here Anymore" - a beautiful ballad a man who has to come to grips with the fact that the relationship is over.

"Memory Do Your Thing" is the ultimate honky tonk dance tune. You could easily shuffle around a dance floor while this song is playing. The mandolin is prominent on "Corpus Christi Callin'," a song about a woman who wants to turn back time & start a fresh relationship with the man. He still holds the key to her heart. If you're in love with a woman & you want to be with her forever, be sure to "Walk Softly On The Bridges" you're crossing. Don't slam any doors because you might be back knocking on them again. Since Todd is a rancher he appreciates what Chris LeDoux did while he was alive, so he closed the album with "Cowboy Legacy," a tribute.

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