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Vince Gill - 'High Lonesome Sound'

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Vince Gill - 'High Lonesome Sound'

Vince Gill - High Lonesome Sound

MCA Nashville

The Bottom Line

High Lonesome Sound featured some of Vince Gill's best written songs while also allowing him the time to explore new songs and themes. This is one album that should be checked out for it is one fine collection of music.
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  • “Pretty Little Adriana”
  • "A Little More Love”
  • “Worlds Apart”


  • None.


  • All songs written or co-written by Vince.
  • This album won three Grammy Awards over the course of two years.
  • Released in 1996 by MCA Records.

Guide Review - Vince Gill - 'High Lonesome Sound'

High Lonesome Sound is a record that explores America. While primarily based in country music, it explores everything from blues to the title track's sweet bluegrass rhythms. All the while Vince's sweet tenor showcases that he was born to sing bluegrass.

"Pretty Little Adriana" is one of the songs to win a Grammy for Vince and he certainly deserved it. The song was inspired by bad luck that fell upon a little girl in Nashville. "A Little More Love" has a memorable groove-filled melody that just works. "Given More Time" is a song that anyone who works a lot can relate to, while "Worlds Apart" (the third Grammy winner after "Adriana" and the title track) is just about as pretty yet sad that a song can get.

Well into his career at this point, "High Lonesome Sound" furthered an impressive run of success for Vince, a run which is still going strong over 20 years after he started out on his own. Anyone looking for a slice of Americana music should check out "High Lonesome Sound."

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