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Vince Gill - I Still Believe in You

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I Still Believe in You - Vince Gill

I Still Believe in You - Vince Gill

The Bottom Line

The third in a series of classic albums from Vince Gill, “I Still Believe In You” is also one of the fan favorites. It has five mega hits featured on it with the album “filler” often rivaling the classiness of the hits. Fans who don’t own this CD should, it’s a definition of a classic CD.
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  • "One More Last Chance”
  • "I Still Believe In You."
  • "No Future In The Past”


  • None.


  • All Songs Co-Written by Vince.
  • Produced by Tony Brown.
  • Released in 1992 by MCA Records.

Guide Review - Vince Gill - I Still Believe in You

By the release of 'I Still Believe In You' in 1992, Vince Gill was already established as a CMA favorite by winning a multitude of awards including the first of five in a row for CMA Male Vocalist Of The Year. Winning the Album of the Year for 1993, Vince also received awards for Vocal Event (George Jones' "I Don't Need Your Rockin' Chair"), “Entertainer of the Year,” and “Single of the Year” for "I Still Believe In You."

The title track sure wasn't the only number one hit single off of the album. "One More Last Chance," "No Future In The Past" and "Tryin' To Get Over You" all achieved number one status while "Don't Let Our Love Start Slippin' Away" hit number two. Among the other solid tracks on this album include; "Under These Conditions," "Pretty Words," and "Love Never Broke Anyone's Heart."

With five top two singles (4 of them being No. 1 hits) and some solid album tracks, this five-time platinum album stands out as one of the best albums to come out during the 1990's. It was the third in a series of strong albums that, with time have become classic album “relics” of the 1990’s era of country music.

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