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Vince Gill - Souvenirs

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Vince Gill - Souvenirs

Vince Gill - Souvenirs

The Bottom Line

An essential collection of Vince’s early MCA days, “Souvenirs” is a record that new fans shouldn’t miss. It has most of the hits from the years 1990-1993 and that is more than most fans could possibly ask for. It’s also the first and only Vince Gill album to feature the duets with Dolly Parton and Reba McEntire.
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  • "When I Call Your Name"
  • "I Still Believe In You"
  • "Look At Us"


  • Missing some other essential hits.


  • 15 hit songs from 1990-1993.
  • RIAA Certified Double Platinum.
  • Produced by Vince Gill and Tony Brown.

Guide Review - Vince Gill - Souvenirs

When you think of Vince Gill, what is the first song that comes to mind? Is it too hard to pick just one? Well I think you're right. “Souvenirs” is a collection of Vince Gill's first four CDs that he recorded from MCA. Featuring 1990-1993's CMA Songs Of The Year, Vince Gill has become a critical and fan favorite. No person has won more CMA or Grammy Awards (in the Country Music Genre) than Vince Gill.

The four songs to win CMA song of the year are 1990 & 1991's "When I Call Your Name," 1992's "Look At Us," and 1993's "I Still Believe In You." Getting one award is typically hard but to repeat the feat for three years is unheard of. There are some other stellar songs on this collection and they include Vince's first MCA hit, (also a hit from his RCA days), "Never Knew Lonely," the fun "Liza Jane," with duets with Reba ("The Heart Won't Lie,") and Dolly ("I Will Always Love You,") which was 1996's CMA Vocal Event of The Year. Also included is the lively “Never Alone” and the humorous “One More Last Chance.”

With fifteen tracks Souvenirs is a great collection of Vince Gill’s early years with MCA Records. It presents nothing but the hits and that is something that rarely happens nowadays with “greatest hits” collections. Vince Gill is the epitome of a great artist because not only does he sing very well but he writes his songs while playing some mean guitar too. If you don’t own anything from Vince Gill, this is a great place to start your collection.

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