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Clint Black - 'Drinkin' Songs & Other Logic'

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Clint Black - Drinkin' Songs & Other Logic

Clint Black - Drinkin' Songs & Other Logic

The Bottom Line

This album goes back to the basics of what country music has long been perceived to be about, drinking songs. The title says it all. The CD is about drinking, songs you listen to while drinking, and even some songs written while drinking. Clint has a distinctive voice, and he's a solid performer in his field. This album is no exception, and any traditional country music lover will enjoy it in their collection.
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  • "Drinkin' Songs and Other Logic"
  • "Rainbow in the Rain"
  • "Go It Alone"


  • None.


  • There are 12 tracks.
  • Produced by Clint Black.
  • Released by Equity Records.

Guide Review - Clint Black - 'Drinkin' Songs & Other Logic'

On Clint's sophomore release with Equity Records, he goes back to the basics. He wanted to focus on country music as it was pre-1990, keep it very traditional. And I think he achieved the sound he was going for. He is in the writing credits of every song on the album and they were all recorded in his home studio with his personal touring band as back up. Steve Wariner and Little Big Town were guest performers for a couple of songs, but otherwise it was all in the 'family.' Hayden Nicholas is Clint's band leader and has also written songs with Clint for many years and this album was no exception as he lent his talents to many of the songs as well. All the songs are drinking songs and ones you would definitely hear in any great honky tonk bar.

Clint has a distinctive voice and that is a rarity in today's country music. There are so many 'cookie cutter' artists that just seem to throw songs out there, same music and different lyrics. You can always pick Clint's voice out of the crowd and connect with his lyrics. The first single, "Rainbow in the Rain," is gaining ground on the airwaves. Along with his trademark slower songs, there are a couple of fun songs too. "Undercover Cowboy" and "A Big One" come to mind. "Go It Alone" and "Back Home in Heaven" are songs that will make you run for your tissues. There is no one that can sing a sad song like Clint Black. I really enjoyed the whole album and recommend it for any good country collection.

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