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Patty Loveless - Dreaming My Dreams

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Patty Loveless - Dreaming My Dreams

Patty Loveless - Dreaming My Dreams

The Bottom Line

The whole album is very bluegrass sounding, but some songs are geared more toward country radio. If you liked her 'Mountain Soul' or 'On Your Way Home' albums, or just Patty Loveless music in general, you should give this amazing album a listen.
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  • "Big Chance"
  • "Never Ending Song Of Love"
  • "Same Kinda Crazy"


  • None.


  • Features vocals by Dwight Yoakam and Emmylou Harris.
  • Contains the single "Keep Your Distance."
  • Produced by Emory Gordy, Jr. and Justin Niebank.

Guide Review - Patty Loveless - Dreaming My Dreams

As much as I love Patty Loveless' country music, her mountain/bluegrass flavored songs really strike a chord with me. It's down-home & it's darn good. There are some songs on 'Dreamin' My Dreams' that are geared a little bit more toward radio airplay but that's understandable. They don't seem out of place with the rest of the music - in fact they blend quite well.

"Keep Your Distance" is what Patty advises her ex to do if their paths ever cross, because "with us it must be all or nothing at all" when it comes their relationship. A pretty mandolin solo begins "Nobody Here By That Name." Patty's voice is strong & clear over lyrics about a woman who wasn't foolish enough to let herself be blamed for everything. Patty's sassy side is shown in "Same Kinda Crazy." "Everything But The Words" is a pretty song I was already familiar with but Patty does an superb version. "On The Verge Of Tears" proves that even after years of trying to forget something have passed, a certain song can take you back to a different place & time.

Dwight Yoakam provides background vocals on the very bluegrass sounding "Never Ending Song Of Love." After years of being alone, now the newly-formed couple can feel good about being together with one another. "Big Chance" is another bluegrass/mountain song about love. "Looky here mama, looky here daddy, this is my true love. We're gonna get married" she sings as if trying to convince her parents that her big chance will pay off in the end.

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