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Garth Brooks - The Lost Sessions (Expanded version)

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The Lost Sessions - Garth Brooks

The Lost Sessions - Garth Brooks


The Bottom Line

Previously released as part of the 2005 “Limited Series II” Box Set at Wal-Mart, This expanded edition disc features 6 new tracks not in the Box Set “Lost Sessions” disc. The complete 17 track disc is perfect for Garth fans, like me, who didn’t buy the box set because of owning the other discs previously released. These may be “old” recordings but the album is classic Garth.


  • “Fishin’ In The Dark”
  • “I’d Rather Have Nothing”
  • “You Can’t Help Who You Love”


  • None.


  • 17 track album sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.
  • 6 Tracks not found on original the original Disc from the Box Set.
  • Features the duet with Trisha Yearwood “Love Will Always Win.”

Guide Review - Garth Brooks - The Lost Sessions (Expanded version)

Garth Brooks is the most successful solo artist in popular music history and as such earned the right to own his recordings. Instead of continuing to sell music through Capitol Records, he decided to sell his music through Wal-Mart and their outlets like Sam’s Club exclusively. The first release was the 2nd box set of Garth’s career; it featured the 2nd half of his career and also had a new 11 track album called “The Lost Sessions.”

But, for fans like me, who owned everything by Garth and didn’t really care for the DVD portion of the box set, the re-sequenced, expanded 17 track edition of “The Lost Sessions” is perfect. Included on the album is the recent Top 5 hit “Good Ride Cowboy,” the new duet with Trisha Yearwood, “Love Always Wins” and my personal favorite track on the CD, the collaboration between Grammy Winning artists Steve Wariner and Marcus Hummon: “You Can’t Help Who You Love.” Other standout tracks on the CD are the traditional ballads “Under The Table, the Bruce Robison-penned “She Don’t Care About Me” and “Allison Miranda.” Fun songs include two tracks previously recorded by Ty England: “I’d Rather Have Nothing” and “My Baby No Esta Aqui.”

With the success of "Good Ride Cowboy," and now the duet with wife Trisha Yearwood at country radio, it seems to me that Garth’s back. There are at least 3-4 more singles that he could release off this record, all proving that country music’s superstar still has something up his sleeve.

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