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Alan Jackson - 'Here in the Real World'

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Alan Jackson - Here in the Real World

Alan Jackson - Here in the Real World

Arista Nashville

The Bottom Line

Alan Jackson's debut disc. He came on strong and has stayed as true to this initial vision as he first presents it here.
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  • Alan Jackson's first, and one of his best.
  • "Chasin' That Neon Rainbow"
  • "Blue Blooded Woman"


  • None


  • Alan Jackson's debut disc produced four #1 hits.
  • Certified double platinum in 1994.
  • Solid, dependable country from one of the modern pillars of the genre.

Guide Review - Alan Jackson - 'Here in the Real World'

When Alan Jackson first came on the scene, he was just one of many brand-new neotraditionalists, a hat-wearing, good-looking fellow with a fine voice, & it would be left to time to tell that he was here to stay.

In the liner notes, he is quoted as saying, "You know that country song, 'Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes?' I don't know where I can fill 'em, but I'd sure like to try 'em on." Alan does just that in this album, which is as simple and genuine as the man himself.

When Here in the Real World came out, there was no legacy, there were no awards, & he came with nothing more than a golden talent & a dream, expressed fondly in "Chasin' That Neon Rainbow."

From the mournful title track to the sweet refrain of "Home," Alan Jackson demonstrates his talent as a singer, picker, & songwriter. His strong yet gentle voice reminiscent of those greats he so admires, George Jones & Don Williams, as he tackles love songs; his lighthearted songwriting skill amply displayed in "Blue Blooded Woman," "She Don't Get The Blues" & "Dog River Blues."

Songs such as "Wanted" & "I'd Love You All Over Again" have become solid country standards, their strength and timelessness proving them true classics in every sense of the word.

In ten strong tracks, nine of them written/co-written by Jackson, he set himself a standard he would live up to again & again.

Jackson came along at the exact right time and place to, not fill those old shoes, but to place a mighty big pair of them into that exalted lineup.

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