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Garth Brooks - The Limited Series (Box Set)

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Garth Brooks - The Limited Series Box Set (2005)

Garth Brooks - The Limited Series Box Set (2005)


The Bottom Line

This is Garth's second box set with the same name as the first. Pretty confusing, really. While his first box set included his first six albums, this includes his last three, the 2-CD set Double Live, Sevens, & Scarecrow, plus a disc of brand new unreleased music, and a DVD with Garth interviews and concert footage.


  • "Good Ride Cowboy"
  • "For a Minute There"
  • "My Baby No Esta Aqui"


  • Same title as his first Limited Series can make it confusing to find the right box set.
  • Only available at Walmart and Sam's Club stores.


  • 6-CD Box Set.
  • Includes "The Lost Sessions." 11 Tracks of unreleased music.
  • Includes the hit single, "Good Ride Cowboy;" a tribute to Chris LeDoux.

Guide Review - Garth Brooks - The Limited Series (Box Set)

I am so happy to have new Garth Brooks music in my hands again! Included in this 6-CD set is "The Lost Sessions," which has 10 previously unreleased tracks, plus his Top 5 single, "Good Ride Cowboy," which is a tribute to the late Chris LeDoux.

Quickly going over some of the new tracks, the disc starts with a great cover of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band's "Fishin' in the Dark." Garth's version is pretty close to the original, and is fun to hear.

"That Girl is a Cowboy" tells the story of how sometimes the best cowboys ain't cowboys at all.

In "For a Minute There," the guy in the story has lost the woman he loved, and when he sees someone that looks just like her, he runs after her, hoping it's her, but of course, it isn't. He dedicated this to his dad. Alison Krauss (his father's favorite female country singer) sings backing vocals. Wonderful!

Martina McBride sings backing vocals on "I'll Be The Wind." The song talks about a woman that is coming out of a bad relationship, and the guy tells her when she's ready to try love again, he may be just what she needs.

I love "My Baby No Esta Aqui," which has a Bakersfield-sound to it. This song was on Tyler England's solo album that Garth produced a few years ago.

Garth fans may have the three previously released albums, but for the price ($25.00), it's well worth it to get the Garth interviews on the DVD, and the new "Lost Sessions" disc of great new music. The set is available exclusively through Wal-Mart.

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