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Kris Kristofferson - This Old Road

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Kris Kristofferson - This Old Road

Kris Kristofferson - This Old Road

New West Records

The Bottom Line

The strong, craggy face of Kris Kristofferson is well known to both country music fans and movie fans. The lyrics to his songs are well known to music fans everywhere, as his pen gave us "Me and Bobby McGee." Kristofferson's brilliant writing has not dimmed one whit in the years since; this, his newest disc (on New West Records), proves without a doubt that he remains that same remarkable poet.
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  • "In The News"
  • "The Burden of Freedom"
  • "Wild American"


  • None.


  • Produced by Don Was (Bob Dylan, Rolling Stones, etc.).
  • Featuring only Stephen Bruton, Don Was, Jim Keltner, and Kristofferson on instruments, all acoustic.
  • Eleven new songs, all written by Kristofferson.

Guide Review - Kris Kristofferson - This Old Road

The power of Kris Kristofferson's music has long been felt in country and rock music. He's the one who gave us not only "Me and Bobby McGee," but also "Sunday Morning Coming Down," "For The Good Times," and "Help Me Make It Through The Night" - and that's just to name a few! - as well as being one of the venerable Highwaymen, and a movie star as well as a singer/songwriter. Kristofferson is also an honest-to-God Rhodes Scholar. You could say he's an all-around Renaissance man. Now he's back with an new disc of all-new, introspective, and amazing music, showcasing his songwriting talent at its best with a simple, intimate acoustic production that only serves to highlight Kristofferson's voice, as craggy and lifeworn as his distinctive features.

These are powerful songs, deeply honest and heartfelt, from Kristofferson's self-reflection in "Pilgrim's Progress" and "Thank You For A Life" to his commentary on politics with "In the News" and "The Burden of Freedom," and his tribute to personal heroes, from Steve Earle and Merle Haggard to John Trudell in "Wild American": "Heroes happen when you need 'em."

When a guy like Kristofferson speaks, it's a good thing to listen. The messages he delivers on "This Old Road" are worth hearing. They're delivered with simplicity and style, made all the more elegant for that stripped-down simplicity, commanding without being overbearing, a true masterpiece from a country music legend.

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