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Gary Allan - Tough All Over

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Gary Allan - Tough All Over

Gary Allan - Tough All Over

The Bottom Line

Southern California surfer turned country music singer-song writer. His sixth album, a much needed one for him to heal because of the loss of his wife. There are no love songs on this album, it didn't make sense to have any on this one because of the healing process he was going through. This album comes the closest to where he was at in his life while making it. That is what country music is all about, real life, real situations. This is a great album, one not to be missed.
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  • "Best I Ever Had"
  • "Nickajack Cave (Johnny Cash's Redemption)"
  • "What Kind Of Fool"


  • None


  • Released on MCA Nashville.
  • 12 tracks / 4 songs written/co-written by Gary Allan.
  • Produced by Gary Allan & Mark Wright

Guide Review - Gary Allan - Tough All Over

It wasn't until now I found out that Gary was born in the same city I was born, "Montebello California." He's a native southern Californian like me, who loves country music mixed with all kinds of other types of music. "Tough All Over" is one of Allan’s finest works in my belief, he has really took some risks and written some awesome songs on this album.

"Best I Ever Had," the first single off this album is a real touching song and it sure had me from the start of it. "Nickajack Cave (Johnny Cash's Redemption)" tells of the late country legends life after his drug and alcohol years that had "him strung out on the ropes."

I'm glad that Gary decided to write some of the songs on this album because it shows the talent that he processes. "I Just Got Back From Hell," "Puttin' My Memories Away" and a couple others are just a glimpse I'm sure of what he went through after the loss of his wife. You can feel the sorrow and pain in the lyrics, and it sure make me feel for him.

A great way to heal by writing, singing and sharing your own life situations. It must have been a long road but I'm glad he had this to concentrate on, what great therapy it must have been.

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