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Randy Travis - 'Around The Bend'

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Randy Travis - Around the Bend

Randy Travis - Around the Bend

Warner Nashville
Around the Bend Bottom Line:

Over the years, country music has been classified a new and traditional. In the 1980's, when modern country was burning up the charts and the traditional artists couldn't get a song on the radio, Randy Travis broke down the barriers, proving traditional country music was very much alive. Now, after eight years away from mainstream country, Randy Travis is back with an amazing album called Around The Bend.

It All Began at the Nashville Palace
When Randy Travis first moved to Music City, he worked for The Nashville Palace. Back then, no one knew who he was, but as he worked his way through Nashville, people quickly started realizing the talents he possessed.

Too Country!
At first, Randy was turned down by multiple labels for being "too country," but that soon passed. After signing with Warner Brothers Records, the song "On The Other Hand" was released. Unfortunately, it didn't do well at all, and was shortly followed by "1982." This song made it into the top ten and the label decided to give "On The Other Hand" another try. This time, it became Randy's first No. 1 hit. Both of these songs were released on his debut album Storms Of Life, which has sold more than four million records. This was just the beginning for Randy Travis.

Over the next two decades, he scored numerous number one hits and on December 20, 1986, Randy Travis officially became a member of the Grand Ole Opry. Later on, he tried his hand at acting. This proved to be a great move. Over time, Randy has appeared in nearly thirty different movies and countless television shows.

A Move to Gospel Music
By the time 2000 came around, he was ready to focus on gospel music. At first, this appeared to be a very risky move for him, considering his record sells were declining. Randy had faith, and it paid off when his smash hit "Three Wooden Crosses" won him "Song of the Year" at the Country Music Association Awards. He released another gospel album in late 2004 titled Passing Through.

Around the Bend - The Songs

Being a fan of the more traditional styles of country music, I was excited to find out that Randy Travis was coming out with his first country album in eight years. His smooth, baritone voice has carried fans through all sorts of ups and downs.

The first song is also the title track. It's a catchy tune, but not the strongest on the album. It is about never knowing what's ahead, but how he continues to move forward.

"You Didn't Have A Good Time" and "Every Head Bowed" are excellent country songs with stories that will hit home to everyone.

"Faith In You" is the first single off this record and has been getting a very good response from country radio and fans alike. This is an amazing love song that everyone who has ever been in love can relate to. With everything going on in the world, most people don't have faith in their neighbor, not to mention their government. Well, Randy Travis explains all of the things he doesn't have faith in, but the one thing he does have faith in is his better half.

"From Your Knees" is a song that shines as bright as anything on the record. This is a tune that George Jones, Lefty Frizzell, or even Merle Haggard would have been perfect at, but Randy's voice allows him to stand strong in his own right. Breaking up is tough, but hearing this story will make you see everything going on in the situation.

Most people that get a recording contract think they are going straight to the top. Well, they will have to push Randy Travis out of the way. He's been on top for years, and now he's going Around The Bend.

Release Date: July 15, 2008 - Warner Brother Records

Around the Bend Track List:

  1. Around The Bend
  2. You Didn't Have A Good Time
  3. Every Head Bowed
  4. Love Is A Gamble
  5. Faith In You
  6. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright
  7. Dig Two Graves
  8. Turn It Around
  9. From Your Knees
  10. Everything I Own (Has Got A Dent)
  11. Til I'm Dead And Gone
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