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Blake Shelton - 'Red River Blue'

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red river blue album cover

Blake Shelton - 'Red River Blue' (2011)

Image Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Bottom Line:

Being one of the biggest male acts in country music may have its perks; it also has its downfalls. Every time an album is released, the artist has to do everything possible to make it better than the last.  Well, that's exactly what Blake Shelton has done with Red River Blue. Heartfelt emotion and upbeat tunes make Red River Blue a home run.

For the Love of Music

Regardless where you stand on country music, there is no denying that Blake Shelton has delivered a fresh new sound, without abandoning his stone-cold country roots.  Although some tunes sound extremely modern, they also look into the past, offering something traditional as well.  Mixing all of these great qualities with some hardcore love ballads, it is almost impossible to take the record out of the player.

In the Beginning

Kicking things off is the CMA-nominated "Honeybee," the first single that was released from this record. This is a lighthearted track that will grab your attention from the first chord.  It's about a man who is trying to describe to that special someone just how much he wants to make her happy.  It's funny to hear the comparisons made throughout the tune.  This poor guy has no clue how to talk to women, and although some things may come out "a little country," it seems that it all worked out in the end.

"God Gave Me You"

The second single that has been released is an instant classic called "God Gave Me You."  It's the best tune on here.  Being a huge fan of "meaningful" songs, I think it will hit home for just about anyone.  Sure, in this case, it is about a couple's relationship, but it could also be compared to a close friendship as well.  Regardless of the connection, this track puts things into perspective on what true love is all about.

Back to the Future

Moving things right along with "Good Ole Boys," Blake Shelton discusses a very important topic.  Have you ever noticed that things aren't the same today as they used to be?  If you're at the store and someone is in front of you, do they hold the door so you can come in?  If you feel things have been getting out of control, then you will love every word Blake sings on this one. Also, when this tune kicks off, it has a familiar sound that resembles none other than Waylon Jennings. If you think this is a coincidence, then you haven't been paying attention to the song title.

The Final Few:

Slowing things down with "I'm Sorry," this album takes a complete change in direction.  For the most part, everything else has either been lighthearted or positive, but not here.  From the start, the song is clearly about the end of a relationship.  For some people, saying those two little words is supposed to make everything better.  Well, in this case, "I'm sorry, just ain't good enough."

"Sunny In Seattle" and "Hey" are both great, however, the title track truly takes the cake.  The acoustics are perfect and blend well with some of the best harmonies ever.  There is no denying that Blake Shelton was meant to record this song.  Although it is heartbreaking, there is nothing like it.  Simply close your eyes and imagine sitting on the bank of a river and watching your world change.

With Blake Shelton being at the top of his game, he deserves all the great things that are going in his direction.  If you love good country music, then check out Red River Blue.  You won't regret it.

Track list for Red River Blue

1. "Honey Bee"
2. "Ready To Roll"
3. "God Gave Me You"
4. "Get Some"
5. "Drink On It"
6. "Good Ole Boys"
7. "I'm Sorry"
8. "Sunny In Seattle"
9. "Over"
10. "Hey"
11. "Red River Blue"
12. "Chill" (Bonus Track)
13. "Addicted" (Bonus Track)

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