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Craig Morgan - 'Greatest Hits'

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Craig Morgan - 'Greatest Hits'

Craig Morgan - 'Greatest Hits'

Broken Bow

Greatest Hits Bottom Line:

For those who like their hits served straight up without a lot of filler, Craig Morgan delivers just that. Released on Broken Bow Records, his Greatest Hits CD is nothing but 11 tracks of pure Craig Morgan hit music from start to finish

Greatest Hits - The Songs

It's been just over eight years since the release of the self-titled debut CD from Craig Morgan. It was released in May of 2000 on Warner Bros / Wea Records and didn't do very well with regards to producing hit singles. Never the less, it was still a strong effort. It got the folks in Nashville talking and landed him a new record deal on a new label.

His next CD entitled I Love It wouldn't be released until 2003 on the Broken Bow label. This would become his break through release with hit singles like "Almost Home" and "Every Friday Afternoon." Country fans also sat up and took notice. With his love for family, God and country, his genuine love and affection for the south shown through in the songs he recorded.

In 2005 he released the album My Kind Of Livin'. This too was released on the Broken Bow label and would also produce more radio friendly hits like "That's What I Love About Sunday," "Redneck Yacht Club," "I'm Country" and "I Got You." All these hits and a few others can be found on Craig Morgan's brand new Greatest Hits CD. It's all 11 of Craig Morgan's best loved hit songs compiled on to a single CD. If you want just the hits, then this is the CD for you. Nothing but the hits without a lot of filler tracks that you don't know or need. For those who may not be familiar with Craig Morgan's music, this is an excellent place to start.

Release date: September 30, 2008 - Broken Bow Records

Greatest Hits Track List:

  1. Almost Home
  2. Redneck Yacht Club
  3. International Harvester
  4. That's What I Love About Sunday
  5. Tough
  6. Little Bit Of Life
  7. I Love It
  8. I'm Country
  9. Every Friday Afternoon
  10. I Got You
  11. I Am
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