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George Strait - 'Classic Christmas'

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George Strait - Classic Christmas

George Strait - Classic Christmas

MCA Nashville

Classic Christmas Bottom Line:

This is a CD designed to comfort and relax. It is comprised of traditional favorites that make you want to run for the eggnog and tree decorations. It is sure to be one of this year's favorite holiday albums.

Christmas with George Strait

Over the years, George Strait has recorded some great Christmas albums that have generally included some original songs. For Classic Christmas, Strait selected traditional Christmas songs that he grew up hearing and singing. He added some country flavor to them with fiddles and steel guitar, and the end result is a great country Christmas album. While listening to the album for the first time, even though it was 90 degrees outside with blazing sunshine, I still felt the desire for some hot chocolate and was looking for some snow. There is just something about listening to traditional Christmas music that makes my festive side sit up and take notice no matter what month it actually is.

Classic Christmas - The Songs:

This ten track album starts off with "Joy to the World." This has long been one of my favorite traditional Christmas songs. One of the best things about this CD is that it makes you want to sing along. "We Three Kings" along with "Hark, The Herald Angels Sing" also bring back fond memories of participating in our church Christmas plays over the years.

I grew up in the heart of Wisconsin where the icicles dangled from your nose a minute after you stepped outside in the winter. However, it wasn't Christmas without getting together with the youth group and going caroling door to door. After singing "O Come, All Ye Faithful," "Deck the Halls," "Silent Night" and "Jingle Bells" we would always be invited in for a cup of hot chocolate or hot cider. When it came to holidays, I wouldn't trade growing up in a small town for anything. We'd close with "Jingle Bells" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" before heading to the next house to begin the whole process over.

Also included is "Up on the Housetop," and this is a big favorite with the little kids. It is little wonder that this album, with all those wonderful songs, put a nostalgic smile on my face from the first note. It is definitely one that will be towards the top of the pile of holiday albums in the CD changer over the holiday season.

Release date - October 7, 2008 - MCA Nashville

Classic Christmas Track List:

  1. Joy to the World
  2. We Three Kings
  3. Silent Night
  4. Jingle Bells
  5. O Come, All Ye Faithful
  6. Up On the Housetop
  7. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
  8. O Christmas Tree
  9. Hark, The Herald Angels Sing
  10. Deck the Halls
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