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Jake Owen - 'Easy Does It'

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Jake Owen - 'Easy Does It'

Jake Owen - 'Easy Does It'

RCA Nashville

Easy Does It Bottom Line:

Jake Owen has managed to avoid the sophomore jinx and has, in my opinion, surpassed the quality and production of his debut album. From start to finish, each song on Easy Does It is solid and not only works on an individual level but also as a whole. You don't really find that on too many albums. It's a good thing you do on this one, which was produced by Jimmy Ritchey.

About Jake Owen:

It's been three years since Jake Owen hit the country music scene with the debut single, "Yee Haw." From that point in time until now, it's apparent that he's been able to find his own niche and way of doing things he wants to.

There seems to be more ease with himself now as compared to the first album, meaning that he has managed to avoid the dreaded "sophomore jinx." I will go out on a limb here and declare this album his best one yet. What I most appreciate is how there are more than just a few good songs. The album is well-rounded, which is an important part of any type of collection. You don't have a strong beginning with a weak end, or vice versa. The pace is steady throughout and each song is as good as the last.

In a time where artists are releasing an album every two years, for Jake to work on his in varying degrees for three years just means that he wanted to take his time getting things right and it also tells you a lot about how devoted he is to his craft. Rushing through things isn't always right and it looks like Jake knew this and can now reap the rewards of a job well done.

Easy Does It - About The Songs:

There is a rather long intro to first song, "Tell Me," which could make some people think the whole piece is instrumental, but if you hang in there you'll get to the lyrics. The speed also picks up right along with the words. The man knows better than to play the part of the fool and give in to a woman's temptation - yet it does it anyway. After the first few times he realizes that what he's doing is wrong, but he struggles with why he continues the affair.

The next song "Eight Second Ride," was also on Jake's debut album. This version has a few minor lyric changes. Makes me wonder why it was included unless it needed to be filler or will be used as a single sometime in the future. Kind of like Keith Urban releasing an updated version of "You Look Good In My Shirt" (released on an album years before) instead of a new track from his collection of greatest hits.

Go ahead and listen to "Anything For You" ladies, to get the swooning over with because it is certainly one of those songs. The man pledges to do everything he can for her and all she has to do is ask. It's that simple. What I'd like to mention is how the song begins: "A box of sunshine, a bottle of rain, a fist full of wind from a west Texas plain." What I like about the line is how it sets up up the story and is more like an opening scene than opening lines of a song.

Although it's not as intense as "Anything For You," "Don't Think I Can't Love You" is another way to show a man's love of a woman. He knows that expensive jewelry is not an option to give the lady so he gives her all of his heart and soul. Sounds to me like one or both of these tunes will have a big effect on couples and turn into a few of their very own special songs.

"Cherry On Top" has all the admiration for the woman covered, minus the complication. He's simply stating that he loves all the things she does and sometimes when watching her, he's in disbelief that she's let him into her life. Stating a few of the many qualities about her, such as: the way she dances, how beautiful she is, even when she happens to spill some wine. When you're in love you really appreciate all parts of the other party's personality or the way they act.

Proving that not all songs on the album are the most romantic is "Who Said Whiskey (Was Meant To Drink A Woman Away)." You could interpret it a couple different ways, but one constant is that it definitely has bits of humor sprinkled throughout. The bar regular telling the story really has been paying attention to the tips and tricks that he could use on the ladies who are also regulars.

"Every Reason I Go Back" tackles the subject of small-town life where "everyone knows your name." After talking about what seems like the bad aspects of the place, he then says those trips down memory lane are also the reason for him coming back from time to time.

Songs that leave an impact on you

Leaving an impact is important and that's what Jake does on two different songs. "Green Bananas" has a message about how your time on earth isn't guaranteed. Something could happen or a person could be diagnosed with a disease. In this case, a friend was diagnosed with something and given not very long to live. As the two friends were talking, the sick one was talking about how he doesn't even buy green bananas because he doesn't know if he'll make it long enough from them to ripen. He also talks about not using an umbrella. By the end of the song when you still think the sick friend is talking, you realize it was the healthy friend talking about how his philosophy has changed since the other friend's passing.

The second song with an impact is "Nothin' Grows In Shadows," which is about bullying and how bad it is. It's told from the perspective of a former bully, whose schoolyard victim grew up to be the doctor who saved his mom from the cancer she had. To have this track at the end of the album leaves more of a mark that you might realize.

Release date: February 24, 2009 - RCA

Easy Does It Track List:

  1. "Tell Me"
  2. "Eight Second Ride"
  3. "Easy Does It"
  4. "Don't Think I Can't Love You"
  5. "Cherry On Top"
  6. "Who Said Whiskey (Was Meant To Drink A Woman Away)"
  7. "Green Bananas"
  8. "Anything For You"
  9. "Every Reason I Go Back"
  10. "Nothin' Grows In Shadows"
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