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Clay Walker - Fall

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Clay Walker - Fall

Clay Walker - Fall

Curb Records
Bottom Line:

Clay Walker's Fall is a twelve-song collection produced by Keith Stegall and Jim Ritchie. It contains the hit song "'Fore She Was Mama" and is solid from start to finish.

Clay Walker is one of those artists whose radio singles I've liked but never got around to buying any of his albums. Now I can say that I must have missed out on a lot of quality material if his previous albums are as good as Fall. I just love Clay's approach to ballads and his enjoyable uptempo songs.

A ten-year-old and his brother were in for a shock during an innocent game of hide and seek, because they found pictures of their mom "'Fore She Was Mama." For years it was hard for them to picture their mom in anything but aprons and driving a minivan but they found the proof of her wilder past. Once the mom found out they knew she "Burned that box of forget-me-nots."

Ballads can be tricky; Sometimes they wind up being a little too over-the-top or they won't be able to live up to expectations. "Fall," written by Clay Mills, Sonny LeMaire, and Shane Minor, strikes up a perfect balance and is "just right." Clay's voice is expressive as he tells the woman he loves "If you want to let go, baby it's okay." He will always be there for her when she needs his comforting embrace. It's an absolutely beautiful song. "You're My Witness" is another top-notch slow tune.

One of six songs written or co-written by Clay Walker is "Miami And Me" (penned with M. Jason Greene). The bright lights of California called the woman's name and he describes it as "The night the moon turned as blue as the sea." Another co-write with Clay and M. Jason Greene is "She Likes It In The Morning." In this song, a couple is in love and they do everything they can to prove it to each other. It's the complete opposite of "Miami And Me."

"Mexico" is fun to listen to and reminds me a little bit of Clay's "Then What" single from years ago. I would love to hear it released as a single sometime this summer. Still upbeat, but with more of a traditional sound, is "Average Joe." It's almost like an anthem for the men who aren't into the fortune and the fame. Their ideal life is being with their wives and children.

Included on the album is Clay Walker's first duet (with the late Freddy Fender), "Before The Next Teardrop Falls." "I Hate Nights Like This" is the closing track and is also the only song on this album written solely by Clay. It's almost like a special, personal touch to place it right at the end of his album. It seals the deal on a great twelve-song collection from one of Country Music's finest talents.

Track Listing:

  1. 'Fore She Was Mama
  2. Fall
  3. Workin' Man
  4. Miami And Me
  5. She Likes It In The Morning
  6. Mexico
  7. You're My Witness
  8. Average Joe
  9. It Ain't Pretty
  10. Before The Next Teardrop Falls
  11. Love To Be Your Last
  12. I Hate Nights Like This
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