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Various Artists - I'll Fly Away - Country Hymns & Songs Of Faith

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Various Artists - I'll Fly Away - Country Hymns & Songs Of Faith

Various Artists - I'll Fly Away - Country Hymns & Songs Of Faith

Sparrow Records
Bottom Line:

Being a huge fan of old fashioned gospel music, I was excited to hear about I'll Fly Away. This album is a must for any fan of classic gospel music. With country legends and new artists, this CD brings to life some new gospel tunes and recreates some old ones. Listening to this will mentally and spiritually take you on a journey back to a one room church house where everyone gathers on a Sunday morning.

In this day and time it is hard to find a good gospel album that is traditional yet modern. Now there is a CD that does just that and will touch hearts from start to finish. When describing someone's work, their past has just as much influence as their present. On that note Ed Cash has had a phenomenal past and his present is just as impressive. If mixing and producing this milestone album is not enough, Ed Cash also lends his voice on "Uncloudy Day." Being a compilation album, there are higher expectations due to most of the time the artists have only one song on the whole CD. Some of the artists are new, but there are also some of Music City's top names such as Marty Stuart, Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, and Sara Watkins (Nickel Creek) and newcomers Kortnie Heying and Ronnie Freeman. There is no room to go wrong, with such a diverse range of artists. With eleven songs, some are traditional and others brand new, you have a wide variety of songs to choose from. It was exciting to see how many traditional artist came out to support such a great album and offer their voices to support this project. Dolly Parton is at her prime and sets a high mark for all the other artists and Marty Stuart never sounded better with his Fabulous Superlatives backing him up on "Get Right Church."
The first song on the album is the classic tune "I'll Fly Away." This has been a favorite for many people and regardless of what denomination or church you belong to, almost everyone knows this classic hymn. Newcomer Kortnie Heying introduces her unique blend of classic country and southern gospel, with her angelic voice being heard on two other tracks as well. Vince Gill is joined by Sara Watkins on a great gospel tune called "It Is Well With My Soul." While making it their own, they also showed true perfection in their voice. Both having heavy influences in bluegrass and country, it is undeniable they were meant to record this great song. My personal favorite is Marty Stuart singing "Get Right Church." Marty has always brought a unique sound to the table, but he brings it right to the front door of church on this one. With a rockin' sound and heavy blues influence, mixed with country music and a Johnny Cash edge, it is hard to go wrong with this song. Not only is Dolly Parton a great singer, but she is also an awesome songwriter. Proving she can hold her own with a pen, Dolly recorded "River Of Happiness," and truly shows her perfection. "'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus" is one song on this great album that is strictly instrumental. For any southern gospel fan, it is hard to go wrong with such a unique and diverse selection of gospel hymns.

Track List:

  1. I'll Fly Away - Kortnie Heying
  2. It Is Well With My Soul - Vince Gill and Sara Watkins
  3. River Of Happiness - Dolly Parton
  4. Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing - Ronnie Freeman
  5. Get Right Church - Marty Stuart
  6. He Leadeth Me - Sara Watkins
  7. Crown Him With Many Crown - Kortnie Heying
  8. Uncloudy Day - Ed Cash
  9. 'Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus - Instrumental
  10. Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus - Ronnie Freeman
  11. Holy! Holy! Holy! - Kortnie Heying
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